Seen at the Seagull Century

While Felkerino and I started our bike tour, the rest of the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area cyclists made their way down to Salisbury, Md., to ride the Seagull Century.

OK, not everyone, but a large number of them. Continue reading

Cycling the C&O Canal

This Sunday, I briefly met up with those doing the Chuck and Crista ride out of Hains Point.

See? I made it to the ride start

They were going the opposite direction from me, however, so after a couple of miles I left the group and pedaled the Quickbeam out to White’s Ferry via the C&O Canal. Continue reading

Farmers’ Market and a Rivendell Romulus!

My stop by the White House farmers’ market today proved particularly fruitful, not only in terms of the apples I bought, but also because of the bike I ended up spotting. Continue reading

The Accidentally Humbling Multi-Modal Fall Bicycle Tour

The Co-Motion along the C&O Canal

When Felkerino and I began planning our recent bike tour, we put a lot of thought into where we wanted to start. Should we drive somewhere with the bike and begin pedaling? Fly to a distant location for a supported tour?

We determined that we wanted to ride from home. No gas, no car, no muss, no fuss. And how cool is it to tell everyone that you went on a 700-mile bike tour that started from your front door? It’s cool! Continue reading

The Tour that Keeps on Giving. From Harpers Ferry, WV – Home




Felkerino and I rode the final 50 miles of our fall tour today. Middletown, Virginia to Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. Tailwinds and more quiet back roads. Excellent views of the Shenandoah River. Easy rolling terrain, sun, and bare-legged riding. Yes! Continue reading

We interrupt this tour for the D.C. Randonneurs 200K Brevet





Felkerino and I ditched the bags for the day and rode the Cacapon 200K brevet out of Middletown, Virginia. A group of around 35 people participated. Even though we rode much of the ride alone, it was great to see and ride in the vicinity of fellow riders.

This route has about a kerpillion feet of climb over 128 miles. Ha! In fact, someone said it falls out at around 9,000 feet. Continue reading

Skyline Drive – mile 105 to 42


The day started in mist, fog, and a climb from Waynesboro, Virginia, up to Skyline Drive. Morning fog kept us well-insulated from any mountain views so I spent the morning focused on the trees and falling leaves within ten feet of me. Continue reading