Treasure! Velo Orange Mixte

This week, a present arrived for me.

Velo Orange

What? A present for me?! What could it be…

VO Box Contents

It looks like…

Opening the box

It is…

Unpacking the frame and fork

A bike!!!  A NEW BIKE!!!! Just what I always wanted!

Velo Orange Mixte Frame and Fork

I was defiitely NOT in the market for another bicycle frame, but when Velo Orange ran a recent promotion on its Mixte frames, I decided I had to have one. Some opportunities are just too good to pass up.

Now I just hope it plays well with the other bike residents.

Ed introduces the Velo Orange Mixte to the Surly LHT. Just kidding! We were mocking up sizing :).

5 responses to “Treasure! Velo Orange Mixte

  1. Nice…I was eyeing one up myself, but discretion (and the need to address sundry household debacles) proved the better part of valour.


  2. Awwww, the Surly has a new friend!


  3. Oooo… shiny!


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