Happy New Year!

To more coffee shop rides…

Romulus at Chinatown Coffee Co.

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Holy High Winds, Batman!

Somehow Washington, D.C., avoided the predicted snow, and we got only winds. Wow! I’m glad we didn’t get the snow, but those winds. WOW! I love commuting during the holidays, though, so I happily hopped on my bike and made for the office.

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Santa Hat Helmet Cover = Extra Festive + Extra Nice Drivers?

Chasing Mailboxes readers!!

I believe I have hit upon something brilliant and economical that combines the spirit of the holidays and cycling safety. It’s my Santa hat “helmet cover.”

Santa hat “helmet cover.” Be nice to me!

Since I began wearing this helmet cover, I’ve noticed drivers and pedestrians being especially nice to me. People have remarked, “Nice hat,” shouted “Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas,” and inquired about the whereabouts of my sleigh. Continue reading Santa Hat Helmet Cover = Extra Festive + Extra Nice Drivers?

What Makes December Cycling Fun

Balaclava, Booties, and Lobsters. Oh my!

Is it the balaclavas, booties, and lobster gloves? Think again. December is a fun month for commuting in Washington, D.C. because the streets and paths of the city become scarcely populated and the city brings out its holiday lights and decor to celebrate the season.

It’s also a great month to be a cyclist for a lot of other reasons. Continue reading What Makes December Cycling Fun

Tree Decorating, Bicycle Style

Bicycle Ornaments

The past several days, Felkerino and I have been hard at work on the 12 Days of Randonneurmas, an annual feature of The Daily Randonneur that celebrates our favorite randonneuring goodies of the past year.

As we’ve been writing away, I took some time to think about other bicycle things that make our life great. One of them is ornaments! I love decorating our tree, and not just because of the delicious candy canes. It’s also because I like looking through our ornament collection. Continue reading Tree Decorating, Bicycle Style

Nostalgia Edition: A Tandem Century First Date

Felkerino and me. (c) Bill Beck

This month marks the sixth year of the formation of Felkerino’s and my tandem team. Felkerino’s and my first date was a century ride on a tandem bike. As our friends well know, I never tire of telling that story!

Four Super Randonneur brevet series’, one 1200K, a 1000K, and several summer tours later, here we are today. Still riding tandem together.

The Co-Motion along the C&O Canal

If there is one thing I’ve learned in six years of riding tandem, it’s this. If anyone ever asks you to ride 100 miles on a tandem for your first date, say no. Continue reading Nostalgia Edition: A Tandem Century First Date

Missing the Bike: Surly LHT Edition

Remember how I said I did not write a thank-you note to my Surly LHT and felt somewhat guilty about it? This week I unearthed this draft post from a fall trip to Knoxville, Tennessee. Bike love is everywhere! Enjoy!!
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Back in the Saddle: 93-Mile Tandem Ride

Because we are wimps, Felkerino and I rode from home yesterday, rather than drive ourselves out to colder weather where our D.C. Randonneur buddies spent the day riding a 200K.

Crossing the Mall en route to Maryland

Our route started in D.C. and took us out through Potomac and around to Poolesville, Maryland. We then decided to be adventurous and take White’s Ferry around to Virginia and ride back through Leesburg and down the W&OD trail. Continue reading Back in the Saddle: 93-Mile Tandem Ride