Cupcake Commuting: Furin’s Cupcakes

Furin's in Georgetown

In my initial cupcake commuting post, I clearly showed that my bicycle transportation technique needed work. I received a number of helpful comments from readers about possible improvements. These included a couple of comments suggesting alternate transportation devices, one comment noting that the butter in the frosting hastened the demise of my cupcakes, one person writing that I should eat the cupcake before I get on the bike, and another individual stating “I think this demands immediate study!”

I took everyone’s remarks seriously, and set to work immediately. Continue reading Cupcake Commuting: Furin’s Cupcakes

Cupcake Commuting: for Science!

It’s been a great day over here at Chasing Mailboxes. First, yesterday’s post about Capital Bikeshare was featured on DCBlogs. Second, I learned that I have a collaborator on my rapidly unfolding cupcaking commuting research project.

My new partner in cupcake commuting research is fellow D.C.-area cyclist and blogger, Freewheel. What a relief! I’d hate to think I had to do all these experiments alone. Continue reading Cupcake Commuting: for Science!

Capital Bikeshare Checklist

Capital Bikeshare

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I am a big fan of Capital Bikeshare. It’s a great way to travel around town. Bike riding outdoors in the city on a bike you don’t have to clean or maintain. I love it!

In their January newsletter, Capital Bikeshare featured a “Winter Ride Checklist.” The checklist included the following items: Continue reading Capital Bikeshare Checklist

Weekend Riding and Randonneur Hijinks

It was a fine weekend of riding for the MG/Felkerino household. We skipped the Saturday miles due to the crazy high winds beating up the Mid-Atlantic, but made the most out of Sunday and Monday.

Felkerino wrote up a nice report of our weekend here. However, there were a couple of things his writeup did not include that I thought you might enjoy. Continue reading Weekend Riding and Randonneur Hijinks

Commuting in the City: Bikes, Horses, and Tour Buses

Today, as I was riding along Ohio Drive between the Lincoln Memorial and the Jefferson, I came across the following scene.

Park Police and a Tour Bus

It looked so funny that I had to grab the cam and memorialize the moment. What are the U.S. Park Police doing? Is there something wrong with the bus? Do they wish they were driving the bus instead of riding horses? Continue reading Commuting in the City: Bikes, Horses, and Tour Buses

What to like about the RUSA P-12

Randonneurs USA (RUSA) recently introduced a new domestic award called the P-12.  To qualify for this award a person must ride a sub-200km randonneuring event for 12 consecutive months. You cannot qualify with an event that is longer than 200km. This award is modeled after the popular R-12, where riders must complete an event that is 200km or longer for 12 consecutive months. Continue reading What to like about the RUSA P-12

Bicycle Art on the Sunday Ride

Sunday, I made it out into the near-60-degree (!!!) weather to enjoy another cycling outing with friends. Yes, friends of the spoked wheel, spring will come. I am sure of it. The warmer weekend weather renewed my faith.

During our ride, I spied this amazing tricycle sculpture off of Park Road in Mt. Pleasant. Continue reading Bicycle Art on the Sunday Ride

A Bike Ride and a Trail Angel on the Capital Crescent

Today offered up a pleasant 40-mile ride with friends through town into the Maryland ‘burbs. We took Rock Creek on our way out.

Rock Creek with Lisa, Mike, and Lane

On the return to D.C., we decided to take the Capital Crescent Trail (from Bethesda). While making our way down to Georgetown, we came upon a person shoveling a path through one of the remaining icy patches. Continue reading A Bike Ride and a Trail Angel on the Capital Crescent