Bikes to Like: Eric P.’s Titanium Lynskey

This week Chasing Mailboxes turns its gaze away from steel and toward titanium. That’s right, people. Titanium!

During a trip to Tennesseee last year, I became familiar with Lynskey Bikes, based out of Chattanooga. In an odd coincidence, Felkerino and I started riding more with cycling friend and randonneur Eric, whose primary randonneuring bike is a Lynskey. I wanted to learn more about it and asked Eric to guest post for Bikes to Like.

He graciously accepted (thanks, Eric!) and this is what he shared with me about his lovely Lynskey. 

Eric and the Lynskey, crossing the Potomac on White’s Ferry

1. What kind of bike do you have?

A custom titanium Lynskey.  SRAM drivetrain and handbuilt wheels by Travis Evans at Just Riding Along Bike Shop.
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Quickbeam Single Speeding and its Pleasures

Quickbeam visits the White House

Lately I’ve been riding my Rivendell Quickbeam around. It started because my Surly got so dirty I just couldn’t take it anymore and I set it aside for a bath. Then I cleaned the Surly and now I still can’t ride it because it’s clean, and riding it will make it dirty again. And since Felkerino and are no longer dating and he is my real life spouse, I have to clean all my own bikes. Sigh. Life is rough.

I did not always ride single speed. I used to have an aluminum Specialized Langster fixed gear.

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D.C. Randonneur Randy Mouri Completes Race Across AMerica

It’s been an exciting 11 plus days for many D.C.-area randonneurs, as we followed fellow randonneur Randy Mouri on his solo attempt at Race Across AMerica (RAAM). Today, we finally got a glimpse of our hero in-person as he succesfully made his way across the USA to be an official RAAM finisher.

Randy, official RAAM finisher

It was inspiring to see Randy continue to press forward through the final miles of the course, even though I could not even imagine the physical and mental fatigue he was enduring. He did it with such grace and style.

Ultimately, Randy’s official time stood at 11 days, one hour, and 13 minutes. Outstanding! Continue reading

Tandem notes: “She’s not pedaling!” Seriously?!

As you may already know (since I really like to talk about it), Felkerino and I met on a tandem first date and we’ve been riding together ever since. Riding tandem with Felkerino was my first exposure to this family of freak bikes, but at the time I don’t remember thinking much about it.

Tandeming on Skyline Drive

Now that we have been doing this for a while (since 2004), I’ve figured out that lots of people do think about people who ride tandem, and they like to share those thoughts with us when they see one ride by. Continue reading

Ride for your Life: Grocery Shopping

Felkerino and I recently acquired a bike to share, the Bridgestone MB-4. To-date, the sharing has consisted of me letting Felkerino ride it. That’s ok. My day will come.

We realized that the Bridgestone is perfect for hitching up the $40 mint-condition Burley trailer that Felkerino got a few years ago from Goodwill. He’s been threatening to use it for years, and with the Bridgestone in our possession, he finally got his chance. Continue reading

Bikes to Like: Mark B.’s Velo Orange Randonneur

When I saw Mark B.’s Velo Orange Randonneur making an appearance on rides this year, I knew it had to be part of Bikes to Like. 

His bike is so lucky. It gets to traverse the stunningly beautiful terrain of the Shenandoah Valley, which Mark calls home.  Here is what Mark had to say about his lovely steed and the riding he does on it.

Mark and the VO on the Cacapon 200K (c) Bill Beck

1. What kind of bike do you have?

I ride a Velo Orange Rando frame built up from miscelleneous parts from an early 90’s Cannondale and a newer Bianchi. It’s all steel.

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Two Day Tour! D.C. to Martinsburg, WV and back

Planning our escape

This weekend Felkerino and I rode with our friend Lane G. from our front door in the District to Martinsburg, West Virginia, and back. It was a great way to spend the weekend. I got to ride my bike for two straight days and never had to worry about carrying a card.

I enjoy the brevets. However, I also like to limit the “event” riding that I do because, for me, it can get restrictive. In general, I think that touring is my favorite way to ride.

That said, I don’t think I would appreciate touring half so much if I did not complete a Super Randonneur series. After the 600K, a 200K with a century chaser feels like a completely reasonable ride. Almost like we’re shortcutting. AND we can even start at 7 a.m. as opposed to 4 a.m. How civilized! Continue reading

White House Plaza Moment: Welcoming the Touring Cyclists

Earlier this week I took a couple of passes through the White House Plaza, first to take some pre-work bicycle glamour shots and later to enjoy a bit of afternoon sun. Continue reading