PBP bike inspection: Day 1

Excitement is reaching a fever pitch here, as the 90- and 80-hour riders gathered up their bikes, vests, and lights for official inspection. Felkerino and I went over to be part of the action, even though we inspect tomorrow.

Check-in was teeming with randonneurs. How cool this event is, attracting riders from all over the world. I loved looking at all the country jerseys and seeing the bikes people chose for the event. I even saw my first Rene Herse, woo, as well as other intriguing bikes and bags.

My little cam cannot do most of these things justice, but I am throwing in a few pics anyway. Enjoy!








6 responses to “PBP bike inspection: Day 1

  1. that sure does look like fun…my rando fever is getting worse


  2. Great pictures. Really enjoying this series.


  3. You must be ready to jump out of your skin with anticipation. Best of luck to you guys. You’re going to do great.


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  5. Have the ride you both have dreamed of!


  6. good luck!!


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