Some Coffeeneuring and a Populaire

A big CONGRATULATIONS to all the people who completed the Coffeeneuring Challenge this weekend. Remember, you must e-mail me your submissions to gersemalina “at” Yes, even if I have been twitterspying on your adventures, you need to e-mail me your final submissions.

Due date to send in your coffeeneuring trips is November 2. I look forward to reading about your rides and the places you patronized.

NOTE: After you send me your coffeeneuring paperwork, I will send you a response. If you do not get a response from me, then I did not receive your submission.

Winter made a brief appearance this Saturday. I wasn’t expecting snow to be part of coffeeneuring, but it was for those who had to work in two rides this weekend. Eek! Not sure if I should say “I’m sorry about that,” or “Don’t procrastinate your coffeeneuring.” In any event, the coffeeneurs who braved inclement weather get a round of applause from me!

Felkerino and I did no riding on Saturday, but ventured out to Harwood, Maryland to ride a century with a few of our randonneur friends. Our route took us from Harwood down to Solomon’s Island and back. Continue reading Some Coffeeneuring and a Populaire

My PBP 2011 Story: You Have to Go to Know

Hey, readers. The Daily Randonneur, a mighty fine randonneuring blog written by this guy I know, is featuring my Paris-Brest-Paris 2011 story. Yeah, you know PBP, that 1230K ride that so many randonneurs rave about? That one.

It took four days to ride PBP, and another two months to write the story. I’m not sure which was harder. Wait, yes I do.

Day 3 on PBP, with Felkerino and Jon.

Felkerino has been rolling out the story in daily increments this week, with the grand finale going up this Friday.

So grab your favorite beverage, click on over to The Daily Randonneur, and take a vicarious trip to PBP. Hope you enjoy it!

Why Men Ride Bikes: Razors and Bags

Have you ever wondered why men take up cycling? I used to think it was because they wanted to stay fit, be sporty, or maybe use a mode of transportation that was better for the environment. But recently I’ve concluded that it’s really about leg shaving and the pursuit of the perfect bag.

When brevet season started this summer, Felkerino got really excited. I thought it was because he was looking forward to the group events and putting in some longer miles on the bike. When he gleefully informed me that he was going to shave his legs before the first brevet, I realized that the main reason for all his pre-ride energy was that he got to shave his legs. He defended his leg shaving by saying it was to keep his legs from getting gritty and full of bugs, but I think he just likes feeling those silky smooth cycling legs.

Continue reading Why Men Ride Bikes: Razors and Bags

#Coffeeneuring: One weekend remains!

Riding the Mt. Vernon Trail. Could they be coffeeneurs?

I can’t believe the Coffeeneuring Challenge has gone by so quickly! Only one weekend remains to bag those final two coffeeneuring rides to complete your seven trips to coffee. So who’s been out coffeeneuring? Glad you asked! Continue reading #Coffeeneuring: One weekend remains!

Five Things Friday: Do Not Walk in Bike Lane Edition

Sometimes I do a little Five Things Friday over on my flickr page. There have been a lot of pedestrians walking in the 15th Street Bike Lane lately.

  1. Lately, I’ve been thinking about ownership; for example, we are proprietary about our roads here in the U.S.
  2. Sidewalks are for pedestrians (rightfully so), and cars are the king of the road; cyclists get a few bike lanes and intermittent scoldings by drivers to get on the sidewalk.
  3. When I was in France this summer, it felt like motorists viewed the road more communally; l felt I had just as much right to be on the road as anybody else and nobody yelled at me to get on the sidewalk.
  4. We’re not that successful at sharing space here.
  5. Until we get to that place where we can view space more communally, I would really like it if people would not walk in the bike lane; it’s all we have.

#Coffeeneuring: You’re either in, or you’re out

Two full weekends remain in the Coffeeneuring Challenge, leaving participants with four possible days to complete their remaining seven coffeeneuring rides. If you haven’t completed at least three rides by now, then you will have to wait until next time to make it to the Coffeeneuring Challenge podium.

I heart Coffeeneuring

Coffeeneurs, how have you been doing? I’ve been keeping my eye on you. Some of you, anyway. And here’s what I know.
Continue reading #Coffeeneuring: You’re either in, or you’re out

Randonneuring, Twitter, and #PBP2011

When people first started talking about this new thing called “Twitter,” (which I know is not new anymore) I didn’t get it. I understood Twitter was supposed to work as a social networking tool, but social networking about what? What you ate for breakfast? Who cares about that? Twitter struck me as a self-indulgent waste of time.

Despite my initial skepticism, I kept an eye on Twitter to explore what the hype was about. Continue reading Randonneuring, Twitter, and #PBP2011

Rando Q&A with Rob Hawks on The Daily Randonneur

Hi, all. I’ve been doing a little work on that “other” blog, The Daily Randonneur. It’s Rando Q&A time again. About time, right?

This week we feature Rob Hawks, the RBA of the San Francisco Randonneurs. Read all about it here and enjoy!

Rob Hawks on PBP


I know that few hours remain in our Tuesday, but I want to apprise you of something that is currently under way in the Twittosphere.

It’s #CyclingCapTuesday, the brainchild of Twitter users @travcaldwell and @SognRider. As the name suggests, #CyclingCapTuesday is the practice of wearing a cycling cap on Tuesday and then tweeting about it, using the hashtag #CyclingCapTuesday. I hope that wasn’t too complicated for you. Continue reading #CyclingCapTuesday

Coffeeneuring: the Challenge Rolls On

How was the weekend, everybody? Did you get out for a cup or two? I did, and I know I wasn’t the only one. A quick search through the tweets shows that several tweeps went coffeeneuring over the weekend. And what a lovely weekend it was.

Coffeeneuring for Cappuccino

Here are just a few of the recent Coffeeneuring Challenge highlights: Continue reading Coffeeneuring: the Challenge Rolls On

The Army Ten Miler

One of Washington, D.C.’s premier running events took place today, the Army 10 Miler. Felkerino, Lane, and I were leaving town on our bikes just as the race was getting going, and converged with some of the participants as they crossed the Memorial Bridge.

It was a beautiful morning to be outside. Continue reading The Army Ten Miler

Coffeeneuring Rules Update! Columbus Day Weekend

Coffeeneurs, look up from your Kindles and cappuccinos! I bring you a special update about the Coffeeneuring Challenge!

Tara, a Chasing Mailboxes reader and coffeeneur (or technically, a coffeeneuse), noticed a potential loophole in the Coffeeneuring Challenge, and asked:

Does Columbus Day Monday count as a “weekend” day if I promise only to do two rides that weekend –i.e., Saturday and Monday?

If you learned anything in elementary school, you know that Monday is not a weekend day, but in light of our upcoming holiday I think her request is reasonable and I have made this amendment to the Coffeeneuring Challenge rules: Continue reading Coffeeneuring Rules Update! Columbus Day Weekend

Coffeeneuring Challenge Ride: Peregrine in Eastern Market

Coffeeneuring Ride: Peregrine Espresso. 10-mile ride.

Because our favorite coffee spot, Swings, is not open on the weekends, Felkerino and I have had to venture out into the coffee wilderness. Our coffeeneuring of late has taken us to a few new places, one of them being Peregrine in Eastern Market. It’s a perfect place to take a risk on, as it’s right by the weekend market and you can combine coffee with a produce run.
Continue reading Coffeeneuring Challenge Ride: Peregrine in Eastern Market

Coffeeneuring: It’s both the journey and the destination

More cyclists than I realized have been out coffeeneuring in hopes of successful completion of the Coffeeneuring Challenge and some fine cups of coffee along the way. Who are these coffeeneurs of note? I mentioned a few of them yesterday, and I just found out about three more. Continue reading Coffeeneuring: It’s both the journey and the destination

Weekends are for Coffeeneurs

The Coffeeneuring Challenge is in full swing, and coffeeneurs everywhere are rising to the occasion. If you haven’t started yet, stop fretting. You’re not too late! You still have four full weekends to complete the challenge of riding your bike to 7 coffee shops.

Coffeeneuring enhances math skills

Some of the coffeeneurs are blogging about their adventures. Of note, George Swain in New York state has been doing a fine job of 1. coffeeneuring and 2. documenting it. Want to read about it? Of course you do. His accounts to date are over at the Hudson Valley Randonneur. Continue reading Weekends are for Coffeeneurs