Paris-Brest-Paris by Tandem

Have you heard enough about PBP yet? Well, hang on just a minute, because I’ve got one more story to share with you.

Felkerino and I co-wrote a short piece about what it meant for us to complete this past August’s Paris-Brest-Paris by tandem. It was published in the most recent edition of American Randonneur, the quarterly newsletter distributed by Randonneurs USA.

Felkerino and me, with Rob Hawks on PBP 2011 (c) Antoinette Galon

Randonneurs USA members may have already seen the article, but for those who have not, we decided to post it over at one of my favorite blogs, The Daily Randonneur. Click on over and check it out. It will make you immediately want to buy a tandem and start training for PBP. Kidding, though I do hope you like it!

See you on the road, everybody.

2 thoughts on “Paris-Brest-Paris by Tandem”

  1. Hi,

    We liked the article very much – a good motivator for new tandemists!
    Brevet riding on tandem is a good way to share (good and bad) experiences…
    Although we had problems last year by doing the 1200 km´s we tried and continue this year: there is a lot of roads, countries and cities to discover from the tandem.

    Carsten & Dorte, Denmark


    1. THank you! I agree that riding tandem is a good way to discover new places and share the moments together in a way that is different from riding a single bike. Maybe we will see you sometime on PBP!


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