And We’re Off: High Country 1200K

If you’re reading this, we’re off riding the High Country 1200K!!!

Rider updates will happen on the High Country blog as the event unfolds.

Felkerino (@dailyrandonneur) and I (@gypsybug) will post updates of our adventure via Twitter, using the hash tag #hc1200. Fellow DC Randonneur Bill (@bicyclic) is riding, too, so be sure to check in on his progress as well!

Below are a few pre-event pics for your enjoyment. They are:

A glimpse of our 1200K cue sheet;

Felkerino ascending James Canyon;

The Co-Motion in Jamestown, CO;

Jimmy’s Gunnar, complete with The Acorn Boxy Rando bag;

Bill B. and his Trek at bike inspection;

Jeff B. and his Salsa Casseroll prepped for a pre-ride; and

Mordecai and his Rivendell Romulus at Sunday’s bike inspection.

I’m using my iPod Touch to post this. It’s rather handy, yet rudimentary, so you may have to do some caption matching to the photos.

As always, thanks for reading and to all who’ve wished us well. Talk to you soon, and I hope everybody has an excellent week.








6 responses to “And We’re Off: High Country 1200K

  1. Ride like the wind!!!! Can’t wait to hear the reports from the road and see the photos!


  2. Enjoy the ride! Bonne Route and all that! We’ll be following the progression, the first photos from Laramie look like wonderful riding weather.


  3. Mary, I googled High Country 1200k and your chasing mailboxes dc come up first item.


  4. At the risk of being repetitive: WOO HOO!!!!

    Good on you guys. I was wupped by 36 miles yesterday (okay it was 102 and I ran out of water, but still….)


  5. Soak it all in. Can’t wait to hear all about it and see your photos!


  6. You’re all done and here I am getting ready to ready to encourage you. All I can say now is: “Get a lot of rest!” and “Congratulations!”


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