And We Made It: High Country 1200k

Friends, Felkerino and I officially finished the High Country 1200K yesterday in just under 83 hours.

To give you a brief summary (full report and pics later), we had an incredibly good ride. Our bodies held up well, weather was pleasant, and we spent lots of miles chatting and pedaling with some great randonneurs.

John Lee Ellis and his volunteers did a fantastic job of organizing and taking care of us throughout the event. The scenery and route were spectacular.

Felkerino and I worked efficiently as a team and were well-synchronized throughout our 4-day journey.

Thanks to everyone who followed, tweeted, and sent us words of encouragement. I read them each night to inspire me for the next day’s ride.

What a ride! I’m so lucky and grateful.



10 responses to “And We Made It: High Country 1200k

  1. FREAKING AWESOME!!!! Y’all are amazing. :D Congratz!


  2. Very Cool! I hope to do one someday :-)


  3. Congratulations! You don’t even look tired.


  4. outstanding!


  5. Superb!


  6. Can’t wait to read the full report! Great work out there you two. Way to represent the sea level east coasters!


  7. I followed along, watching the official spreadsheet like a hawk, living vicariously through you and Ed. A triumph!


  8. Congratulations for 1200km! You have a very nice blog too!


  9. Thanks for all the encouragement and words of congratulations! You all are awesome!


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