All the King’s Horses, and All the King’s Men: Co-Motion Reassembly

I’m happy to report our tandem reassembly did not end like the tale of Humpty Dumpty.

It took some time, but our tandem arrived safely in Boulder, Colorado, and is now a big bike again.

It helped that we are staying with cycling friends who have a spacious back porch to spread out the coupler cases and tandem bits.

They also loaned us a workstand and full size tire pump, which also facilitated the rebuild process.

The following sequence of photos give a sense of what it’s like to put the Co-Motion Java together again.


Boxed up and on the bus. Always wear your helmet, even (especially?) on the bus.


In transit.


In pieces.


Rear triangle.


Middle section next.


Head tube and fork.



Add tubes and tires, and proceed to inflate.


Take photo, apply filter.

Looking good: time for a shakedown ride.

9 responses to “All the King’s Horses, and All the King’s Men: Co-Motion Reassembly

  1. Glad the reassembly went well. But I can’t resist asking — why is Ed wearing his helmet on the bus?

    • I wasn’t sure either! He rode Bikeshare to meet me so I think he might have forgotten to take it off. Silly bike rider!

  2. Definitely call for celebration… “..Garcon…apporter du champagne s’il vous plait…!!” LoL Safe Ride

  3. Congrats. Nice pics.

  4. I noticed you dismount tires from the wheels. I’m sure that helps packing the wheels into the cases, but isn’t it a bit of a bother?

  5. Impressive.

    Helmet on head = one less thing to carry!

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