A Visit to Bikes@Vienna on the Leesburg Loop

Over the weekend Felkerino and I meandered from home to do what we call the “Leesburg Loop,” a 90-ish mile ride that starts in D.C., crosses the river into Virginia and takes the Custis and W&OD Trails to Leesburg, winds around to White’s Ferry for a quick ferry ride across the Potomac into Maryland, continues on roads near Poolesville, and returns to D.C. via Potomac, Maryland and MacArthur Boulevard.


Our ride was filled with various stops, including a first-time visit to Bikes@Vienna. This shop is located two blocks off the W&OD Trail in Vienna, Virginia, and is a treasure trove of interesting bicycles.

Brompton test ride

Brompton test ride

I had heard that Bikes@Vienna specialized in recumbent bikes, but they have a broad range of inventory that also includes upright steeds from Breezer, recumbent trikes, and several folding bikes from Tern as well as Brompton. I wanted to test ride everything.



Tim, the owner of Bikes@Vienna, was there. We actually know of each other via the internet (Tim writes a blog called Spokes of a Wheel, which I regularly read) but we had never met in person.


Felkerino and I had an excellent time talking bikes with Tim, discussing various topics such as the evolution of Tern from Dahon and the explosion in the presence of Bromptons as well as Brompton dealers in the U.S.

Tim talks recumbent tandem trike at Bikes@Vienna

Tim talks recumbent tandem trike at Bikes@Vienna

Tim is extremely knowledgeable about bikes and his manner is open and unassuming. He’s also a good listener. Some shop owners can be aloof, condescending, or try to know-it-all a person to death so talking with someone who is not that way in a shop is a real pleasure.

Felkerino on the Brompton

Felkerino on the Brompton

Both Felkerino and I took one of the Bromptons for a test ride while we were there. Felkerino in particular was pretty smitten.

The trike zone at Bikes@Vienna

The trike zone at Bikes@Vienna

I can’t believe I had not stepped into Bikes@Vienna until this last Saturday. Maybe that’s a good thing. I’ve probably saved myself a lot of money.

Many thanks to Tim for showing us around his shop. Felkerino and I will definitely be back to Bikes@Vienna. Just to window shop, though. Yeah. That’s it. Only to window shop.

6 responses to “A Visit to Bikes@Vienna on the Leesburg Loop

  1. I love bikes@vienna! That’s we’re I picked up my Tern. And yes, Tim is great and so easy to talk with.

    v/r Kevin Ulrich University of Maryland http://www.kevinulrich.net

  2. That’s where I bought Big Nellie. I nearly pulled the trigger on a tadpole trike a few years ago.
    You know that there is a recumbent in your future. You really should take one out for a ride. They are lots of fun.

  3. bicycle heaven….

  4. Ooooh … great to know about this bike shop!

  5. Great shop. John got his Brompton there.

  6. Totally agree about the owner – very causal vibe yet very informative. His philosophy on which Brompton to buy (1,2,3,or 6 gears) is spot on.

    Once I went in their after I felt on the way to bonking and asked if they sold any gels or goos to eat. He shook his head and pointed me up the street to a bread store. :-)

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