Will Your City Coffeeneur? A Look Back, a Glance Ahead

After almost one year of waiting, the Coffeeneuring Challenge starts late next week.


A look back at the 2012 participants reminded me of the coffeeneur-centric cities.

Four cities represented just shy of half of the coffeeneurs who participated. Those cities were:

  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Portland, Oregon
  • Arlington, Virginia

Coffeeneurs Top Cities


Pittsburgh, you surprised me. I hope you will be back for more this year. You have a Coffeeneuring Challenge title to defend.

On the other hand, I would love to see Washington, D.C. take the top spot. Of course, Arlington offers stiff competition because those Arlingtonians love to ride their bikes. And Portland? Well, Portland and coffee go hand in hand.

I hope we’ll have new cities to add to the mix this year. Will the Lone Midwesterner from Madison return?

Will Toronto coffeeneurs be back for more? How about Seattle?

Topsham, Maine? Wheaton, Maryland, are you ready?

Wilmington… Delaware and Massachusetts, what do you think? Will you coffeeneur in 2013?

Map of states where people coffeeneured

Maybe we’ll add some new states to the Magic Coffeeneuring Map, too. Below is a quick glance at the Coffeeneuring Challenge primarily by state. Some are not states. I know you know what’s what.

Coffeeneurs States

Remember, you must follow the rules.
Remember, rules were made to be broken.
Most important, remember that the spirit of coffeeneuring must be ever-present on your journey and at the destination, even when the caffeine or lack thereof threatens to derail you.

19 responses to “Will Your City Coffeeneur? A Look Back, a Glance Ahead

  1. Well, Wilmington, MA is going to be out this year, sorry. Instead, I’m living overseas and am going to try to get my fellow cyclists in Penang, Malaysia to join in with me.


  2. Topsham, Maine is in!


  3. As the lone Midwesterner, I will be back. But I’m working on getting at least a couple of other people to join me this time around.


  4. Seattle here! @mountainstroh. I will see what I can do!


  5. Chicago should be checking in… at least one of us! GREAT challenge in so many ways.


  6. Maybe a dumb question: I see the 2012 rules (by following back through the tags in the blog). Are the 2013 rules identical? :)


    • Not a dumb question. 2013 rules go out early next week. Most rules will be the same (# of trips, trip frequency, mileage, etc.). Slight changes only. Thanks!


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  8. Stand by, I think there may be a Dumfries (Scotland) contingent


  9. Nobody from Jersey???!!! I’m going to have to correct that unfortunate situation…


  10. Toronto is in the house.

    I really can’t get away with saying that, can I?


  11. You can start coloring in Minnesota on your map. We’ve got a team of two rarin’ to go here in Duluth.


  12. Washington, MA is in …. though in no way can we count as a city, just the tiny rural cousin of our famous relative.


  13. Oakland CA planning to represent. We have hella good coffee!


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  15. I’m in! Calgary AB.


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