Friday Coffee Club Turns Two


Can you believe it? Two full years of Friday Coffee Club.


Thanks to Felkerino for starting it all, and to #bikeDC for keeping it going strong.


Happy 2nd Anniversary, Friday Coffee Club!

Photo credit to Felkerino for the top two pics.

9 responses to “Friday Coffee Club Turns Two

  1. The Orginal Friday Coffee Club at Swings. Accept no substitutes!!
    Sorry, I didn’t get to talk to you (for the crowd!).


  2. What a lovely sight to see all those bikes lined up outside a coffee shop!


  3. i havent even been yet and i think this is awesome!!!


  4. I’ve been trying to ditch the caffeine intake and this post isn’t helping! Now I’m thirsty.


  5. Happy anniversary! It was great to see you. I need to make it to Friday Coffee Club more often this year!


  6. Congrats on your anniversary! Got something for you on my blog…………


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