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PBP Bike Inspection: Day 2!

Today was our day for the 84-hour bike inspection and it went just the way we like it… uneventfully. We’re now checked in and ready to roll tomorrow morning.

The gymnasium was much more low key this morning, in part because we went early and also because all the 80- and 90-hour riders inspected yesterday.

Later today we plan to see the 80- and 90-hour riders as they begin their journey.

You can track Felkerino and my progress on Twitter, though it remains to be seen how much we will correspond. After all, it is a bike ride and not a Tweetfest.

You can also see how we’re going along via the PBP rider tracking at the PBP website

As always, a few photos of the day follow, and perhaps later I will add some start photos if time allows.

The moment. Is. Here.






PBP bike inspection: Day 1

Excitement is reaching a fever pitch here, as the 90- and 80-hour riders gathered up their bikes, vests, and lights for official inspection. Felkerino and I went over to be part of the action, even though we inspect tomorrow.

Check-in was teeming with randonneurs. How cool this event is, attracting riders from all over the world. I loved looking at all the country jerseys and seeing the bikes people chose for the event. I even saw my first Rene Herse, woo, as well as other intriguing bikes and bags.

My little cam cannot do most of these things justice, but I am throwing in a few pics anyway. Enjoy!








Randonneur Group Ride… to Chartres

Another sublime day on the bike. Today Felkerino planned a group ride to Chartres, a 77 mile round trip over gentle rolling terrain.

Our outing included randonneurs from D.C, Seattle, New Jersey, Tennessee, and Chicago. It was another great day to be a bike rider and I am still just over the moon about our lovely ride.

We passed through the Rambouillet Forest again, through a couple of other smallish towns including Gallardon and Coltainville.

We then followed the spires of the historic Cathedral of Chartres all the way into town. The cathedral sits at the top of a short but kneebreaking steepie, and dates from the 13th century. Stone walls, carvings, and floors, and huge colorful stained glass windows. Gorgeous, albeit a little dark inside.

We took in the Malcolm Miller tour, a man who has dedicated his life to studying the cathedral, and his tour was actually interesting and helped me get a better context of the edifice.

So we got culture and a perfect mellow ride over quiet back roads. The afternoon threatened rain, but lucky for us, no drops fell. Oh, and did I mention espresso and pastries? Yes, we got those, too.

Thus endeth the short leisurely rides. The next time we clip in will be for the start of PBP. And that’s no short ride.

Pictures below include the ride start from our hotel, action shots from the road, Michael’s MAP bicycle (eye-poppingly beautiful bike by a custom builder in Oregon), and a group photo in front of the cathedral. Sigh. I love this trip!






PBP Shakedown ride… To Rambouillet!

Today Felkerino and I went out to test our bike assembly and turn a bolt or two.

Our test ride took us out of the Paris suburbs and through the Rambouillet Forest to the town of Rambouillet, about a 20-mile ride from our hotel one way.

Having never been to France, let alone PBP, before I reveled in every pedal stroke of this ride. Passing through the French countryside past old towns and into the lush Rambouillet forest was a thrill.

While in town, we visited the Chateau de Rambouillet, which was originally constructed in 1375 as a home for the marquise de Rambouillet. It then became a royal residence and wow, the meticulously manicured grounds are stunning.

After returning from our trip, we spent a great evening with Ron and Barb R. of the PA and NJ Randonneurs. It is a lot of fun to be surrounded by so many randonneurs.

Photos of the day follow, and include scenes from our ride to Rambouillet as well as the town and the chateau.






Arriving in France for PBP

A big first day, spent jet-lagged and with the main activity being bile assembly. Felkerino and I also had a great time talking with randonneur friends old and new.

Here is a quick summary of the day in pics. Sorry for the lack of captions; the mobile WordPress app is great, but somewhat limited. Pics include Jeff B. of TN, Vickie and daughter, of TX, and Carol B. of DC Randonneurs.

Safe travels to all who are still en route. This is going to be great!






Paris-Brest-Paris Training

Hi, everybody! Did you get out this weekend? If so, I hope you hydrated! It was toasty out there.

It’s 100 degrees outside!

It’s not 100 degrees where I’m riding. Merely 95!

Felkerino and I completed our final big weekend of training before we take on Paris-Brest-Paris next month. 176 miles on Saturday, and 146 on Sunday. Those miles don’t hold a candle to what we’ll ride on PBP, but I think they’re a good start. I’ve posted a ride summary over at The Daily Randonneur so click here and check it out! Oh, and HERE you will find my photo set.