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My Endless Mountains 1000K Story

Hey, everybody! Since I wasn’t able to get out this weekend and ride much, I spent a few hours at the computer with my favorite mug and some lemon herbal tea.

Steeping the Tea, Writing the Story

It was time well spent, as I finally put together a summary of Felkerino’s and my Endless Mountains 1000K adventure!

Felkerino and Me, first post-1000K ride together. We’re on singles, ha ha!!

My story, MG’s Endless Mountains 1000K: an Experiment in Randonneur Amnesia is posted on one of my favorite blogs, The Daily Randonneur.

Check it out! Now maybe I won’t feel the need to mention my 1000K completion in every post I do. I hope you like reading it as much as I liked writing it.

Post-1000K Walking

Since the recent Endless Mountains 1000K, I haven’t pedaled one bit. Residual knee pain and general fatigue are the culprits. Knee pain is the randonneur superhero’s kryptonite, I’ve decided. Continue reading Post-1000K Walking

I Used to be a Randonneur Superhero

When Ed and I rolled into the finish of the Endless Mountains 1000K after 67:37 hours in the company of five other accomplished randonneurs, I felt amazing. There was pain in my knee and I felt dirty and smelled bad, but all that was eclipsed by what our group had accomplished.

622 miles of riding over three days. That’s awesome, I thought. As Mike Anderson and I discussed after our finish, we’ve gone on other types of vacations, but they just don’t feel as triumphant as this. (Viewing 1000Ks as vacation is a topic for another time, ok?)

Reveling in my post-ride euphoria, I saw myself as a powerful woman who had endeavored something other people could not even fathom. I am woman, hear me roar! I am a randonneur superhero!

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Endless Mountains 1000K – Update!

Felkerino and I are no longer riding the Endless Mountains 1000K (although it was quite the adventure while it lasted). We enjoyed a sun-filled ride with some awesome randonneurs and randonneur volunteers, ultimately finishing the event in 67:37.

Thanks to Tom, the volunteers, and everybody who rode with us and helped make the ride epic!

I’m off to bed, but hope to put together a story when my brain is working again. So don’t expect anything anytime soon, ha ha!

In the meantime, you can check out our adventure from behind the lens of my little camera. Just click on the picture below to be taken to the corresponding flickr set.

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The Quiet Period: Tapering for the Endless Mountains 1000K

This summer, Felkerino and I spent the months since the D.C. Randonneurs 600K continuing to log long miles on the bike to prepare for the Endless Mountains 1000K brevet, which starts on August 26. It feels like every weekend has been spent with keeping the bike in good shape, keeping ourselves in good shape, building our mileage base, and trying to climb as many hills as we can in order to be as well-prepared as we can be the day we start the ride.

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