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Friday Coffee Club Turns Two


Can you believe it? Two full years of Friday Coffee Club.


Thanks to Felkerino for starting it all, and to #bikeDC for keeping it going strong.


Happy 2nd Anniversary, Friday Coffee Club!

Photo credit to Felkerino for the top two pics.

A Holiday Wish

This past weekend I stopped during our bike ride to tell Santa all that I wanted for Christmas.

Santa and me

Santa, listen up. I have something important to tell you!

But then I realized that I had everything I needed. Good health, the love of friends and family, and of course, bicycles.

Felkerino and me

Felkerino and me, on our last ride together in 2013

So instead I told Santa that I wished for everyone I know to have a great holiday season, full of love and cheer. Santa said he’d do his best.

7th Street Landing Christmas Tree, Quickbeam, and me

7th Street Landing Christmas Tree

I hope my wish came true. Happy holidays, everybody!

Endura Short-Sleeve Women’s Cycling Jersey Giveaway

Back in June, Felkerino and I rode the Hilly Billy Roubaix, a 74-mile ultra-cross race out in Morgantown, West Virginia. And it was awesome!

Hilly Billy Roubaix

As a result of our efforts we ended up on the podium of the tandem division. Full disclosure: we were the only tandem team that participated.

In addition to winning the lump of coal, the race organizers gave us some other treats, too.

Women's Endura Cycling Jersey (front)

Women’s Endura Cycling Jersey (front)

One of these was a women’s Endura short-sleeve jersey in a size Large. It’s a good-looking jersey– black with blue and white piping, three rear pockets, and some reflective accents– and I’m giving it away.

Women's Endura Jersey (rear)

Women’s Endura Jersey (rear)

If this is something you would like to receive in your mailbox, please leave a comment on this post.

Also, if you have a song recommendation to go along with your comment, please share it with your comment. I need to update the tunes currently in my rotation.

I’ll randomly pick a winner around August 30 or so, and follow up with them via email. Thanks!

Carefree in Sedona: Jump Photos

Jump photos. If you haven’t done one, you should try it.

Now everybody jump! A photo at our high point on Bear Mountain

You have to intuit the right moment for a jump, as it’s unlikely to turn out if forced.

Sometimes a jump photo was just what we needed during our Sedona hikes this week (longer wrap-up post about that on deck) because it took us away from a tough moment on the trail and reminded us we were on vacation.

It took a few shots to capture us all airborne, but eventually we got there.

1 person, 2 people...

1 person, 2 people…

This photo was taken as we reached our turnaround point on Bear Mountain. We hiked our way up a steep stairstep climb until we began the ups and downs of the final mile to the ridge that would lead us to our final lookout.

It was getting hot and the hiking was losing some of its fun factor. We took a break to eat a snack and cool down. Good humor returned at the realization that a fast descent was in our near future. Before heading down, though, we took a moment to jump.

A good jump brings me back to the carefree joy of being healthy and alive. And three people simultaneously leaping and sharing that feeling makes it even better.

So like I said, if you haven’t tried it you should set the camera’s auto-timer and go for it.

If You Can Read This…

I’m on vacation!


The waning summer days called for a change of scenery.


See you next week.



Wishing everyone a peaceful weekend and happier weeks ahead.


Happy Holidays (and a Book Recommendation)!

Co-Motion Tandem in Rock Creek

Happy holidays!

If you have any breaks from the hustle and bustle this week, I recommend a read of this lovely book, The Velocipede: its History, Varieties and Practice , by J.T. Goddard.

Written in 1869, The Velocipede offers an informative look back at the bicycles and bike culture of the time. It even includes a chapter of comprehensive instructions for the beginning rider, and another that focuses on the possibilities of cycling for ladies, i.e., velocipedestriennes.

Those who like bicycles and have any interest in their history will enjoy Goddard’s book. Also, what do you have to lose? The book is absolutely FREE from Google Play. I love how accessible publications like this have become.

All the best to you this season, dear readers. I hope you are surrounded by peace, love, friendship, bicycles, and good coffee.

chasing mailboxes

There he is.  See him? 
Just down the road.

Yes.  Yes!  I see him.
Pedal hard. We will catch him.
Let’s do it!

Pedal pedal pedal.
I think we’re gaining.
Yes, gaining!  Pedal faster!

Almost. There.
Wait. That’s not him.

Oh, that’s a mailbox. Ha ha!
It was fun trying to chase him down, though.
Got my heart rate up.
Even if he did turn out to be
a mailbox.