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Bike to Work Day and #FridayCoffeeClub

This past Friday, the D.C. area celebrated Bike to Work Day. We had perfect sunny weather and only a hint of cool air in the morning so lots and lots of people (over 12,000, according to some reports) took advantage of the bike holiday. I don’t know how those numbers compare to the regular commute crowd, but it seems reasonable to say that a sponsored Bike to Work Day draws a lot more people than a regular bike to work day.

Bike to Work – Pete, me, and Felkerino in Rosslyn. I have no idea what we’re looking at.

Felkerino and I signed up for the Rosslyn stop and had a great time. I even passed Congressman Jim Moran who was riding to Rosslyn via the Mount Vernon Trail.

We saw some familiar faces, met some new people, including Mary Lauran, and connected with people we’d previously only interacted with through Twitter.

@MaryLauran and me. I won a t-shirt!

Rootchopper, blogger and member of the #bikeDC crew, wrote up a nice post of the Rosslyn stop in which both Felkerino and I are prominently featured. Thanks, Rootchopper!

Rootchopper and Felkerino

Pete B., #bikeDC flickrazzi member and regular #FridayCoffeeClub attendee, also made the Bike to Work Day rounds and his photos are here.

One of my highlights from Bike to Work Day was passing this gentleman, who was wearing Spam shorts and riding a high wheeler.

High Wheeler alert!

I wasn’t the only one who thought the high wheeler was cool. Felkerino fell in love. Sorry, Felkerino, the Dining Room Bike Shop isn’t big enough for that. The high wheeler’s owner, whose name I did not catch, said he’d ridden the bike as far as 100 kilometers in one go.

Felkerino, enchanted by the high wheeler.

After spending some time in Rosslyn eating bananas and picking up a couple of blinkie lights, we jetted off to Swings to see who had shown up for #FridayCoffeeClub. The Bike to Work Day edition of #FridayCoffeeClub was definitely a more fluid affair than normal, as many coffee clubbers wove both Bike to Work Day and #FridayCoffeeClub into their morning.

Some people grabbed coffee and headed off to a pit stop. Others, like me, hit the pit stop first and then happened by Swings for a cup. Still others fit #FridayCoffeeClub in between their Bike to Work Day world tours.

Lauren stops by #FridayCoffeeClub

Girl on a Bike made it to #FridayCoffeeClub. It was great to see her after her recent completion of the Policy Unity Tour. She’s got the tan lines to prove it. Well done, Kate!

Bike to Work Day #FridayCoffeeClub

John R. of the porta-john blog, also managed to find time for a cup of java at #FridayCoffeeClub amid final day prep for his wedding. Big congratulations, John!

As I made my way over to the office, I ran into met the well-known Joel Gwadz of the Gwadzilla blog. Fortunately for me, he had his DSLR and was able to get a couple of shots of Felkerino and me as we crossed through the White House Plaza. Thanks, Joel!

Joel Gwadz in the White House Plaza

It was a festive and fun day full of sun, bikes, coffee, swag, and #bikeDC buddies. To see even more of the morning, my full set of pics is here.

Bike to Work Day + #bikeDC + #FridayCoffeeClub = True Love Always!

Bike to Work Day, aka Friday

Today was Bike to Work day! Of course you all knew that.

In a fit of irony, Felkerino and I rode away from work  and headed to the Rosslyn stop to join the Bike to Work festivities. I have found Rosslyn to be a fun stop and not quite as crowded as the Freedom Plaza location.

After arriving, we ran into friends and had a good time people- and bike-watching. We also scored some free stuff, including lip balm, ankle bands, blinkie lights, and our annual Bike to Work Day t-shirts. The t’s are purple!

I hope some of you were able to join the festivities and freebies. It’s fun to have at least one day out of the year wear you can gather with other commuters and scrounge for water bottles.

Oh, and did I mention that the weather was fantastic? It’s true!

I’ve included a couple phone pictures of my camera pictures. Yes, it makes no sense.

Happy Friday Bike to Work Day!