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Original Coffeeneurs: Where Are They Now?

Latte from The Coffee Bar

Yesterday someone asked me if I had numbers for those who have completed the Coffeeneuring Challenge three times, i.e., every year I have held the challenge.

Yes, I do, and it is the subject of this post. In its inaugural year, the Coffeeneuring Challenge boasted 12 official finishers. In year two, 65 people completed it and as I recently wrote, 125 coffeeneurs completed the challenge in 2013.

The 12 original coffeeneurs will always have a special place for me in this challenge because it was their participation as well as blog posts, tweets, and write-ups that kick-started this whole thing. I mean, you can’t have a very good challenge if no one is doing it.

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Coffeeneuring States and Cities

Coffeeneuring-Sipping Chocolate

The total number of official coffeeneuring finishers reached 125, with 11 of them being from places outside the United States.

Of these 11, there were three coffeeneurs from Canada, two from Scotland, two from Sweden, one from Australia, one from Finland, one from Ireland, and one coffeeneur from England.

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Alaska Randonneur Tom D.’s 2013 Coffeeneuring Challenge

Coffeeneuring, randonneuring, a fatbike, snow, a Salsa Casseroll, a dog, some moose, and a newly completed trail project. That’s just some of what awaits you in this fine post from Tom D., a first-time coffeeneur who has had a big year of riding in 2013, including the 1400K London Edinburgh London (LEL) earlier this year. It’s a perfect pre-holidays story. Thank you, Tom, for guest-posting today!

Tom D.’s Coffeeneuring Challenge

After reading about and seeing pictures of the last two coffeeneuring challenges, I decided that I should take the plunge this year. But I did not just jump in blindly, I sought advice and inspiration from fellow Alaskan Randonneur and coffeeneuring ancien, Ted T.

I have to say that I enjoyed the challenge. It got me out riding a few times when I might otherwise have driven, or even just stayed at home. Thanks, MG, for putting this together.

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Coffeeneuring Challenge: Put it on the Map

This year an unprecedented 125 people successfully finished the Coffeeneuring Challenge while another 13 earned the “I Was Going to Complete the Coffeeneuring Challenge, but…” Honorable Mention award.

Coffeeneuring Maps 2013

To provide readers with a visual representation of the coffeeneuring community I created the Magic Coffeeneuring Map, a paper map where all illustration is done in colored pencils (not crayons, as some have suggested).

Here is the 2013 edition of the Magic Coffeeneuring Map, which includes all geographic areas where someone completed the challenge.

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Coffeeneuring Challenge Results Part 2: Finishers!


It’s a great day here at Chasing Mailboxes as I am announcing the official finishers of the 2013 Coffeeneuring Challenge!

The 2013 edition of the Coffeeneuring Challenge is the largest yet, with 121 122 123 125 coffeeneurs following most  all  the rules and completing 7 rides to 7 different coffee shops over a period of 7 weeks.

I have more to share about this year’s Coffeeneuring Challenge participants, including more fabulous guest posts, but for now I want to recognize each individual who finished the challenge and tell you what they’ve won.

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Coffeeneuring Challenge Results Part 1: Honorable Mentions

It’s taken a while, but the time is now right to begin announcing the Coffeeneuring Challenge Results for 2013. Ta Dahhhhh!

Coffeeneuring Challenge-Honorable Mention

First up are the “I Was Going to Complete the Coffeeneuring Challenge, but…” Honorable Mention category. These nine 10 12 13 15 coffeeneurs were unable to complete the full seven trips, but each person you see below completed four or more outings. Pretty good, I’d say.

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Coffeeneuring Rewind with Linda in Albany, New York

Given the little smack of winter we’ve had in the Washington, D.C., area the past two days I thought that a guest post from upstate New York would be a perfect match.

Linda, who resides in Albany, participated in the Errandonnee earlier this year and also completed the Coffeeneuring Challenge for the first time.

While the majority of Linda’s rides occurred around Albany, her coffeeneuring also includes a visit to Massachusetts and the town where she first learned to ride a bike.


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The Spirit of Coffeeneuring: JP and Kristin in Virginia

Today I was pondering the spirit of coffeeneuring. Coffeeneuring is about encouraging people to celebrate the simple act of riding a bike and enjoying a beverage either alone or with friends.

It’s about getting out on our bikes at times when we otherwise might not, and being glad we made the extra effort. When you coffeeneur it does not matter how far you went (okay, you should go at least two miles). Really, the important thing is that you rode your bike somewhere.

As we head into the weekend, I’m pleased to feature this guest post from JP and Kristin, a coffeeneuring team from Arlington, Virginia, as I think their photo set  and write-up capture many of these aspects.

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