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Big Dummy Family Coffeeneuring with Judy, DS, and DD in Toronto, Ontario

Today’s guest post may require you to employ your conversion skills, because it’s kilometers-centric. Yes! In addition, get ready to enjoy a peek into bicycling life with kids and a Big Dummy.

Judy, of Toronto, completed the challenge this week, managing several rides with DS and DD. Thanks so much, Judy (and DS and DD, too!), for the great guest post!

Where do you live?

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

How did you decide to coffeeneur?

I found your blog a few weeks ago and it seemed like a fun challenge. I ride a bike to get coffee all the time! And there are so many great cafés near me!

What bike are you using as your coffeeneuring bike?

Mostly the Big Dummy (I homeschool my 6-year-old DD and 4-year-old DS so they are almost always with me). If I’m not on the big dummy then I’m on my old commuting bike, an early 90s steel hybrid (Diamondback Override).

What other types of riding do you do besides coffeeneuring?

I used to commute across Ottawa, Ontario before I had kids. Since then I’ve been hauling kids (and groceries, library books, etc) in a trailer, and now with the Big Dummy. We’ve lived without a car in Ottawa, London (Ontario), Toronto, Pittsburgh, San Diego, and Tillburg (in the Netherlands).

Judy Coffeeneuring Trip 1 - Big Dummy

Ride 1: Saturday October 4
Where: The Good Neighbour, Annette St, Toronto
Distance: 13.5km

Books and Bikes with Cycle Toronto Ward 13 along the Greenline Park corridor with readings by local authors and a stop for coffee on the way home.

I road the Big Dummy and DS came along for the mostly dry somewhat chilly ride. We came back to our favourite cafe, The Good Neighbour, on the Annette St bike lane.

Judy Coffeeneuring Trip 1

This is a very bike friendly cafe, it’s very easy to get to, and it has lots of bike parking in front (ring and posts) and along the fence of the patio outside.

I had a cappuccino and DS had a kids hot chocolate with soy milk and a piece of pumpkin bread.

Ride 2: Sunday October 5
Where: Leiria Portuguese-Italian Bakery, Dupont St, Toronto
Distance: 10km

Our usual Sunday – biked to climbing (class for the kids, drop in bouldering for me), then we went to a cafe. DS really likes this bakery – he calls it his little cafe.

Judy Coffeeneuring Trip 2

I had an espresso and a Portuguese custard tart, DS wanted a coconut macaroon and bubbly water, and DD got a chocolate croissant and water (and a kinder-egg).

The cafe is on the Dupont bike lane, which is attached to the Annette St bike lane, so it’s easy to bike to from our house. It’s also next to the northern end of the West Toronto Rail path, but we didn’t use the path today. There are ring and posts to lock to on the sidewalk, but we just put the Big Dummy out front and locked the front wheel.

We got some groceries, dropped them off at home, then continued to High Park for the Fall Harvest Festival. Bonus drink at the festival: real hot chocolate, and the chocolate and other ingredients were hauled there by cargo bike (ChocoSol, using Toronto bike power)!

Judy Coffeeneuring Trip 2

It was kind of cold this morning, 4 degrees C, so there was some complaining about cold legs from DD. But the afternoon was sunny so it was a lovely day.

Ride 3: Saturday October 18
Where: Boulangerie Cocoa, Marine Parade Dr, Etobicoke (next to Humber Bay Park East Trail)
Distance: 22.5 km

Rode to the farmers market, then dropped DD off at the High Park Nature Centre. DS and I rode through the park to Lake Ontario then followed the Martin Goodman trail West over the Humber River to Etobicoke. We went to several playgrounds and labyrinths and explored the Humber Bay Marina. Usually we do the trails in the Butterfly Park but we wanted to find the lighthouse/beacon we saw across the bay.

Judy Coffeeneuring Trip 3

We went back along the path to Boulangerie Cocoa for cappuccino (Starbucks unfortunately) and Orangena for DS. The baked goods are delicious – we had almond croissant, carrot cake and banana bread. They also do breakfast/brunch, sandwiches and salads, but we’ve never tried those options.

Judy Coffeeneuring Trip 3-Big Dummy

The cafe is right next to the trail, so it’s very convenient to stop there. There is bike parking outside (North of the road), but we usually park next to the path (on the South side of the road) and walk across – I don’t like hopping curbs with kids on the back of the bike. Then we went back to High Park to pick up DD and home.

Ride 4: Sunday October 19
Where: Say Tea, Bloor St West, Toronto
Distance: 11 km

Judy Coffeeneuring Trip 4

The usual Sunday morning ride to climbing followed by a stop at The Good Neighbour for cappuccino. But since ride 1 was The Good Neighbour I stopped for tea on my way to get groceries after dropping the kids off at home.

Say Tea is a very cute shop in Bloor West Village. There are also many cafes in the area but I didn’t want another coffee. There are post and rings for bike parking all along the sidewalk. I got Chocolate Mint Rooibos and Earl Gray Rooibos loose tea leaves.

Ride 5: Saturday October 25
Where: Full Stop, Dundas St West, Toronto
Distance: 9 km

Dropped DD off at the High Park Nature Centre then rode the Big Dummy to the Junction Farmers Market.

Judy Coffeeneuring Trip 5 - Big Dummy

I got an espresso at Full Stop, three doors down from the market. It’s a newish cafe that I’ve never been to before. There are lots of ring and posts for bike parking all along Dundas.

Judy Coffeeneuring Full Stop

It was a beautiful sunny day for late October, and I was out in short sleeves. If DS wasn’t so sick we would have gone out for a long ride today to enjoy the beautiful weather.

Judy Coffeeneuring Trip 5

Ride 6: Sunday October 26
Where: Baka Gallery Cafe, Bloor St West, Toronto
Distance: 6 km

I stayed home with the sick kid this morning, so DH rode the big dummy (for the first time!) with DD to climbing. In the afternoon I took the other bike and did a bunch of errands (dog food, library books, groceries, pharmacy, hardware store, art supply store).

There was a big Halloween festival on Bloor, so it was a bit crazy up there, and closed to car traffic. Annette was very busy with all the cars going around the street closure on Bloor.

Judy Coffeeneuring Trip 6

I asked DH which was the best coffee shop near us on Bloor and he said Baka (a newish cafe I still hadn’t visited, one of his regular stops). I had a cappuccino – it was ok. It was very crowded inside because of the festival, but there was lots of space on the patio.

I locked my bike to the patio fence since there were no ring and posts right there, but I could have gone around the corner to Bloor for lots of bike parking.

Judy Coffeeneuring Trip 6

It was a lovely fall afternoon outing, with patches of brilliant sunshine occasionally breaking through the grey clouds. It was nice to ride the small bike for a change (I spend all my time these days hauling kids on the big dummy).

Ride 7: Sunday November 2
Where: Sovereign Espresso, Davenport Rd at Dufferin St, Toronto
Distance: 16 km

After biking to climbing and stoping at The Good Neighbour I switched bikes, loaded up a bunch of bottles to return, and biked back along Annette/Dupont. I stopped at the Beer Store, then went North to the Davenport Rd bike lane.

Judy Coffeeneuring Trip 7

I’ve biked along here a bunch of times this fall, and noticed Sovereign Espresso, but I’ve never been able to stop. I had an espresso today. The shop is lovely, the espresso was quite good, and it’s next to a bike lane. There was only one ring and post outside though, so not much bike parking.

I checked out the North end of the Shaw St cycle track (although it’s just sharrows at the North end) then went back along Dupont to Annette, up to Dundas for groceries, and home.

Judy Coffeeneuring Trip 7

It was a beautiful (cold) sunny day today, and I was glad to get out on the bike after being stuck inside all day yesterday preparing for and executing a birthday party for DD.

Congratulations again, Judy, on completing the Coffeeneuring Challenge and thank you for sharing a bit of your world with us!

Coffeeneuring with MrTinDC around Washington, D.C.: Bikes, Coffee, and Good Friends

This weekend, the first two official Coffeeneuring Challenge submissions arrived in my mailbox. The first was from #bikeDC’s own MrTinDC. In the next weeks I expect many more to make it to the official finishing line.

I am a big fan of MrTinDC’s photography and his work is frequently featured in some of the on-line publications in our area. I asked if he would share his 2014 outings and photoset with us as well as a little bit about why the Coffeeneuring Challenge appealed to him. As you can see, he agreed.

Congratulations, MrTinDC, and thank you for the guest post!

Coffeeneuring with MrTinDC around Washington, D.C.

To put it simply, I love bikes, and I love coffee. They’ve both been an integral part of my life for decades, so coffeeneuring has a strong appeal for me. Coffee is so warm and comforting on a chilly bike ride in the fall or winter; and is there anything better than an iced coffee when you’re on a long bike ride on a hot summer day, and you’re on the verge of bonking?

In addition to combining biking and coffee drinking, coffeeneuring is rarely a solo activity. It seems natural to go coffeeneuring with friends, or to make new friends in the process. It’s a great excuse to catch up with someone you haven’t seen in awhile, or to meet someone you know from the internet in real life. In other words, coffeeneuring is a challenge involving my favorite things: bikes, coffee, and good friends.

MrTinDC - Coffeeneuring 1
MrTinDC – Coffeeneuring 1 at The Coffee Bar

Coffeeneuring Stop 1

The Coffee Bar. 12th & S Streets Northwest. Washington, D.C.

Total mileage 18.8, took the long way home.

Had a regular coffee.

Fun fact: we saw a very cute, friendly Corgi there. It’s very bike-friendly.

MrTinDC's Seven at The Coffee Bar
MrTinDC’s Seven at The Coffee Bar


Coffeeneuring Stop 2

MrTinDC at Vigilante
MrTinDC at Vigilante

Vigilante Coffee stand. Hyattsville CX races, Magruder Park, Hyattsville Maryland

Total mileage 8.2

It was very bike-friendly, and I had a regular small coffee w/cream & sweetener.

The barista was Grace from BicycleSpace, who grew up right down the street.

Coffeeneuring Stop 3

Lot 38 by MrTinDC
Lot 38 by MrTinDC

Lot 38 Espresso Bar. Canal Park in Southeast Washington, D.C.

Total mileage was 16.7

The coffee was good, and the bike parking ample.

Lot 38 uses Illy coffee, and the bathroom was really cold for some reason.

I had a regular small coffee and a banana.

Coffeeneuring Stop 4

Baked & Wired. Georgetown, right by the C&O Canal. Washington, D.C.

Bikes and coffee at Baked & Wired. MrTinDC
Bikes and coffee at Baked & Wired. MrTinDC

Total mileage was 20.6 (took the scenic route) and I had a skim latte.

The soy latte is Brook‘s.

There is pretty decent bike parking there.

One interesting fact about our visit, a cyclist on a high-end Cervelo just left it outside unlocked, and didn’t ask anyone to watch it for him.

MrTinDC's Coffeeneuring Group at Fletcher's Cove
MrTinDC’s Coffeeneuring Group at Fletcher’s Cove


Coffeeneuring Stop 5

The Del Rey, Virginia, outpost of M.E. Swings

M.E. Swings coffeeneuring, by MrTinDC
M.E. Swings coffeeneuring, by MrTinDC

I had a regular cup of coffee, which was excellent.

The bike parking was decent and it’s in a neat, old, repurposed industrial building with cool details.

Total mileage was 51.7, as we took the long way home.

Coffeeneuring at M.E. Swings by MrTinDC
Coffeeneuring at M.E. Swings by MrTinDC


Coffeeneuring 2014 Stop 6

Kaldi’s Coffee Bar. Downtown Silver Spring, Maryland

Kaldi's Coffeeneuring, by MrTinDC
Kaldi’s Coffeeneuring, by MrTinDC

I had a skim latte and a croissant.

Total mileage was 30, and the bike parking was OK, but not great.

Factoid: Kaldi’s is the site of Downtown Silver Spring’s (DTSS) coffee club on Tuesday mornings.


Coffeeneuring 2014 Stop 7

Coffeeneuring stop in Potomac Village with MrTinDC and friends
Coffeeneuring stop in Potomac Village with MrTinDC and friends

Vie de France. Potomac Village shopping center in Potomac, Maryland (River & Falls Road).

Total mileage was 65.7.

I had a small regular coffee and a plain croissant.

The shopping center is very bike-friendly, but could use actual bike racks.

We saw a lot of cute little dogs there, and I really needed the coffee after going up Angler’s Hill with all I had today.

One interesting thing, note how I use a Ziploc baggie to keep my wallet, keys, phone etc. clean and dry on bike rides.

MrTinDC coffeeneuring at Vie de France
MrTinDC coffeeneuring at Vie de France

Congratulations again, MrTinDC, on your successful coffeeneuring this year and thank you for sharing your photos and write-ups!

Coffeeneuring with Paul and Maureen on the “Great White” Santana Noventa Tandem in Lynchburg, Virginia

How is your coffeeneuring progressing? Leaves might be falling and temps dropping, but I have a great story that might motivate you to step outside on these shorter cooler days of fall. 

By the way, if you have not yet added your stops to the Coffeeneuring Destinations Map, please feel free to contact Daniel in the Northeast Regional Office of Coffeeneuring and do it! The map is shaping up nicely, thanks to everyone’s input.

Now back to our guest post. Last year’s Coffeeneuring Challenge saw the first tandem team participants, Paul and Maureen out of the Lynchburg, Virginia area.

Never having visited that area before, and being a tandemnista myself, I was captivated by their coffeeneuring rides and asked if they’d be up for sharing their story. They agreed and here is the final product for your vicarious coffeeneuring pleasure. Thank you, Paul and Maureen!

Coffeeneuring with Paul and Maureen

This has been a wonderful experience and I KNOW we were out on the tandem on weekends when we probably would not have ridden without the challenge.

Over the last year and a half, with my cancer surgery and radiation, we haven’t ridden as much as we should, and that certainly wasn’t because we weren’t physically able to.

So to have completed rides on seven consecutive weekends has been a delight, and an encouragement to keep the momentum going. Thanks again for sponsoring the challenge and for all the support and excitement you have generated.

Paul and Maureen Coffeeneuring

Coffeeneuring #1

Coffeeneuring 1

  1. where you went: We opted for the Coffee Shop Without Walls option as it was Sunday in the Bible Belt and nothing else much was open, other than Starbucks, which was not how we wanted to start the challenge. This is in Hollins Mill Park on the Blackwater Creek Bikeway.
  2. the date you went there: October 6, 2013
  3. what you drank: We had french roast in a Moka Pot.
  4. a detail or two about your coffeeneuring ride: We often ride the Blackwater Creek Bikeway and enjoy it a lot. The park is a great place for picnics in the summer.
  5. total mileage: 14.5 miles

More photos


Coffeeneuring #2

Coffeeneuring 2013-1

  1. where you went: Magnolia Foods, 2476 Rivermont Ave, Lynchburg, VA 24503
  2. the date you went there: October 12, 2013
  3. what you drank: Paul had coffee and Maureen had a Pumpkin Spice coffee with whipped cream. Decadent!
  4. a detail or two about your coffeeneuring ride: It was a pleasant, though drizzly, ride among the beautiful fall foliage, with a fun stop at Riverside Park where Maureen enjoyed playing on the playground :-)
  5. total mileage. 10.2 miles


More photos

Coffeeneuring 2



Coffeeneuring #3

Coffeeneuring 2013-2

  1. where you went: The Farm Basket, 2008 Langhorne Rd, Lynchburg, VA 24501
  2. the date you went there: October 19, 2013
  3. what you drank: Ethiopia Sidamo for both of us, nice!
  4. a detail or two about your coffeeneuring ride: We ventured off-road somewhat, found some very mucky and slick spots, but managed to stay upright. Eventually connected with the Blackwater Creek Bikeway, and then moved onto streets to get to The Farm Basket. Returned on a shorter road route that kept us off the mucky stuff.
  5. total mileage. 14.8 miles

More photos

Coffeeneuring 3


Coffeeneuring #4

Coffeeneuring 2013-3

  1. where you went: The Depot Grille, 10 9th St, Lynchburg, VA 24504
  2. the date you went there: October 27, 2013
  3. what you drank: two regular coffees, because the espresso machine was broken and they weren’t going to replace it!! Bummer……
  4. a detail or two about your coffeeneuring ride: Forced into another Sunday ride, our options were limited. So we elected a ride that ended at one of our favorite restaurants where we had coffee and dessert.
  5. total mileage. 14 miles

More photos

Coffeeneuring 4


Coffeeneuring #5

Coffeeneuring 2013-4

  1. where you went: Walker’s Diner, 307 N Main St, Farmville, VA 23901
  2. the date you went there: November 3, 2013
  3. what you drank: two regular coffees
  4. a detail or two about your coffeeneuring ride: Went to the town of Farmville and rode a portion of High Bridge Trial State Park. Then rode back to Farmville to go to the very cute Walker Diner. Had two regular coffees and some wonderful peach crisp and, come to think of it, a delicious veggie wrap, but not necessarily in that order.
  5. total mileage: 10 miles

More photos

Coffeeneuring 5


Coffeeneuring #6

Coffeeneuring 2013-5

  1. where you went: The Muse Coffee Company, 1509 Enterprise Dr, Lynchburg, VA 24502
  2. the date you went there: November 9, 2013
  3. what you drank: two cappuccinos
  4. a detail or two about your coffeeneuring ride: Cold day but we combined running some errands with our coffeeneuring run, ending up at a genuine coffee shop, actually our first in the challenge.
  5. total mileage: 9.8 miles

More photos

Coffeeneuring 6


Coffeeneuring #7

Coffeeneuring 2013-6

  1. where you went: Montana Plains Bakery, 102 Tradewynd Dr, Lynchburg, VA
  2. the date you went there: November 16, 2013
  3. what you drank: Portland blend coffee
  4. a detail or two about your coffeeneuring ride: Short ride to complete the challenge and stay ahead of the rain. We rode to a small planned community development called Wyndhurst and visited the bakery there. While we were sitting outside enjoying our coffee we noticed that it was getting darker and more ominous looking, and so we headed for home.
  5. total mileage: 7.25 miles

More photos

Coffeeneuring 7

Thank you again, Paul and Maureen, for your excellent summary of rides and for sharing a little piece of your world with us. I hope you return to coffeeneur in 2015!

Coffeeneuring Rewind in Pittsburgh with @rfglenn


  • Fall
  • Bike rides
  • Coffee


Blend together, bake for an hour for at least two miles or to your taste at dipping seasonal temperatures. Repeat seven times. Coffeeneuring.

Week 4 is practically here, but before any official submissions make their way to Coffeeneuring HQ, I’m taking us back to one year ago for a vicarious trip through the challenge with @rfglenn of Pittsburgh, a city with many avid coffeeneurs who have supported this challenge since it’s inception. Thank you, Pittsburgh and thank you @rfglenn for the guest post!

1) Oh Yeah! / october 5 / 2 miles / espresso affogato


A mile from my house is a coffee shop/ice cream store/bank/live music venue? called Oh Yeah!. I used to live barely three blocks from it, and I’d be embarrassed to admit how often I went.

They have mix­ins for your ice cream like “love” and “electricity” and also they have Chicago Soy Dairy vegan ice cream, so I go frequently when the weather’s hot and the days are long.

2) Ohiopyle State Park / october 6 / 150 / cold brew

coffeeneuring 2

I made some cold­brew coffee while riding my bike on a quick overnight to Ohiopyle with a friend. It was actually pretty good, although that’s more a testament to cold brew’s simplicity than to anything I did.

I turned around the next day and headed back to Pittsburgh in pouring rain, and ended only a little worse for the wear; he continued to DC during the furlough, despite the C&O being closed.

3) Coffee Tree Roasters / october 13 / 2 miles / iced coffee

coffeeneuring 3

A short 2 mile ride, to recover from the century I’d done the day prior.

I stopped at coffee tree on my way back from brunch, and experimented with carrying coffee in my bike’s burrito holders. It worked well enough, but I don’t recommend using plastic cups for it.

4) big Tazza D’Oro / november 9 / 4.5 miles / cider & pour­over

coffeeneuring 4

@rpearl and I went to the big (original) tazza d’oro, not to be confused with small (campus) tazza, which is actually larger.

It was really a little bit too cold to be sitting outside; we kept stripping layers, putting them back on, taking them off again.

5) Mad Mex / november 10 / 2 miles / plain ol’ hot coffee

coffeeneuring 5

A group of friends and I go out every sunday for brunch at Mad Mex, and only on my fourth or so trip did I notice they serve coffee. I’d previously been distracted by the margaritas.

Mad Mex also has a big bike corral out front. The coffee pictured is actually @rpearl’s, but I drank a lot of it.

6) Delanie’s Coffee / november 16 / 10 miles / almond milk latte

coffeeneuring 6

10 miles includes my detour to Thick. This is my picture of @theairgonaut and @fractal_dust taking a picture of me taking a picture of them.

@TheAirgonaut's photo
@TheAirgonaut’s photo

I’d never been here before, which is a shame, because it was nice. It’s a lot bigger and more comfortable than the Beehive.

7) Bagel Factory / november 17 / 2 miles / cider & bagels

coffeeneuring - Google Docs-7

I went out to get some comics (I had seen this page, from the Hulk issue pictured), and also grabbed a drink from the Bagel Factory before heading home in the rain.

The paper cup fared much better in the burrito carrier than did the plastic cup from a few weeks prior, though I think a bit of cider sloshed out onto my pants leg. I didn’t notice, on account of the weather.

Thank you, @rfglenn, for your excellent guest post, which includes a little bit of everything, even meta-coffeeneuring!

Coffeeneuring Week 3: Kitteh-neuring with Janice and Jayne


This weekend I received an unexpected note from the coffeeneuring team of Janice and Jayne. What started out for them as a regular coffee ride turned into something much much more.

The idea was to ride 2 1/2 miles to the store/deli in Boyer Junction, have lunch and coffee and retrace our steps up the hill and home.

When we were eating our lunch at the deli, Jayne asked me if I’d seen the kitten on the side of the road on our way down the hill.

“No,” I said. “What kitten? There was no kitten!”

We finished our lunch and started back. I heard him before I could see him and I started saying, “No, oh no!”

Coffeeneuring plus kitty

He ran out from the grass and across the road right up to us. Jayne was off her bike and holding him before I could even roll my eyes.

Of course, we weren’t going to leave him there, though he was a wet muddy mess, his eyes were goopy and there was a big open gash on one of his legs.

We figured out that we could just fit him into the rear pocket of my wind breaker and we made it up the hill and home. Jayne hadn’t been on a bike for some time but she rode up that hill at a pretty good clip. Amazing what you can do if you want to!

Jayne had an appointment set up for the kitty a couple of hours after we got home.

Aw, but he's so cute!
Aw, but he’s so cute!

He’s now had various treatments including meds for his eyes, his upper respiratory infection (he’s in isolation because that is contagious), and his worms. And his leg has been stitched. A VERY EXPENSIVE coffeeneuring experience.

Thank you for providing us with the opportunity for adventure….more than we looked for.

Janice and Jayne, this story of your coffeeneuring kitty warms my heart. Wishing you well with your remaining coffeeneuring adventures (although it’s okay if you don’t rescue a kitten during every one).

Mr. and Mrs. Bike Snick Go Coffeeneuring

We can’t go into the weekend (THE FIRST WEEKEND OF OFFICIAL COFFEENEURING SEASON) without another example of how coffeeneuring happens.

And, of course, it’s always nice to give the locals of #BikeDC and #BikeArlington a shout-out, especially ones who’ve taken such care with capturing their coffeeneuring images. With that, I present you with the coffeeneuring rides of Mr. and Mrs. Bike Snick from this past year.


#1, 10/5/2013
Where: Greenberry’s McLean, VA ()
What: tall iced coffee with 2 pumps of sweetener
Which bike: Fixed gear bicycle.

I finally got warmed up on the way home. Although the outside temperature is in the mid 70s (F), our house is cold, 68 degrees.

Mrs. Bike Snick is making 3 cakes (!) for a wedding today and the Italian buttercream frosting needs to be cool.

How far: 3 miles


#2, 10/6/2013
Where: Starbucks, McLean, VA
What: venti carmel soy frappucino with 5 shots (rewards drink)
Which bike: Fixed gear bicycle.

Mrs. Bike Snick joined me on her road bike. We sat outside enjoying the newspaper and beautiful day.

How far: 3 miles


#3, 10/13/2013
Where: Star*Nut Gourmet, McLean, VA ()
What: tall dark coffee and half a slice of apple pie
Which bike: Fixed gear bicycle.

Mrs. Bike Snick joined me on her road bike. It was nice when the rain stopped.

We enjoyed reading, splitting a piece of apple pie and sitting outside.

How far: 3.6 miles


#4, 10/14/2013
Where: Peregrine Espresso, Eastern Market ()
What: soy latte
Which bike: CaBi.

Rode with Mrs. Bike Snick. This was our first time using CaBi. We had two free 24 hour passes from Bike To Work Day. The passes worked great and the bikes were easy to use.

It was fun planning multiple hops that were less than 30 minutes. We saw Georgetown, L Street cycle track, the White House, Pennsylvania Ave cycle track, the Capitol, 11St Local Bridge overlook, Anacostia Riverwalk Trail, Nationals Park, and more.

How far: 13.3 miles


#5, 10/19/2013
Where: Chesapeake Bagel Bakery
What: small bold coffee, half of a cinnamon roll
Which bike: Fixed gear bicycle.

Rode with Mrs. Bike Snick on her road bike. She has completed 4 coffeeneuring rides now and is enjoying it.

It was cloudy and we felt a few sprinkles. On the way to coffee we stopped at CVS to get a picture printed. This was the topsy-turvy cake my wife made for a friend’s wedding. After coffee we picked up the prints.

How far: 3.2 miles


#6, 10/20/2013
Where: Caribou Coffee, Falls Church 
What: small bold coffee, half of a cranberry scone
Which bike: road bicycle.

My wife joined me on her road bike. It was sunny and a great day for riding. We enjoyed sitting outside and reading some of the newspaper.

How far: 5.3 miles


#7, 11/10/2013
Where: Starbucks, Idylwood Plaza Falls Church 
What: tall bold coffee, half of a chocolate brownie
Which bike: fixed gear bicycle.

Mrs. Bike Snick joined me on her road bike.

It was mostly sunny, but very windy. The temperature was fine, but it was too windy to sit outside.

How far: 5.3 miles


#8 (Mrs. Bike Snick’s #7), 11/11/2013
Where: Greenberry’s McLean, VA )
What: tall dark coffee, half of a chocolate chip scone
Which bike: fixed gear bicycle.

Mrs. Bike Snick joined me on her road bike; this ride completes her 7th coffeeneuring ride.

It was cloudy and windy, but we sat outside reading under Greenberry’s heat lamps – nice!

The manager came outside to tell us two new bicycle racks have been installed across the street. These are among several recently added in downtown McLean. The racks will be dedicated later this week by Fairfax County Supervisor John Foust.

How far: 3.7 miles

Congratulations on completing the challenge, Team Bike Snick! I hope you are up for another round of coffeeneuring. It all starts again October 4!

Coffeeneurs International: Martin in Ye Olde England

It’s not every day that someone says coffeeneuring has the potential to change his or her life. Coffee and bike riding can be powerful stuff, however, so who’s to say it isn’t these little pleasures that have great impact on us over time?

I will let you ponder that, as I share this post from Martin, who resides across the ocean from my house, and traveled many places in the completion of last year’s challenge.

This Coffeeneuring Challenge is ideal for me. And in a small way might even change my life.

I entered the challenge in absolutely the correct spirit because it came after a year in which I felt I was living on the bike. This is because all through the bitter cold of the winter months I was riding 200 kilometres each month to achieve my small red badge that is the mark of the Randonneur Round The Year.

At the same time I was also training to ride from London to Edinburgh and back in a 1,400 kilometre event. So you see the opportunity to ride just a mile and have a nice day beverage each week was an opportunity not to be missed.

In fact I started to enjoy riding my bike. So I might just make a point of coffeeneuring all year round. It is certainly much more enjoyable than setting an alarm for 3 o’clock in the morning and riding a bike in sub-zero temperatures for 14 hours. And to make matters worse this was a really cold winter in England.

As you can see from the list of coffee shops I visited, I also rode my bike across northern Spain from from Madrid back to France.

This was all good fun and provided some fine opportunities to drink coffee but crossing the Pyrenees in a torrential rainstorm was rather more character building for me than I would have liked…

So here is the list of what I did and where I drank coffee, and many thanks for arranging the challenge. I tweeted about my coffee and sent a photograph with the tweet. (Editor’s note: The text of each Tweet is included below each photo.)

Ride 1
October 9

Saw this: had to stop for #coffeeneuring at the Six Bells pub in the  English village of Chiddingly @coffeeneur

Saw this: had to stop for #coffeeneuring at the Six Bells pub in the English village of Chiddingly @coffeeneur.

A delightful 150 year old small pub called the Six Bells in the small Kent village of Chiddingly.

Distance ridden about 30 miles.

Ride 2
October 14

My "weekend" so time to tell @coffeeneur I am #coffeeneuring - while buying a stove windshield for my next expedition

My “weekend” so time to tell @coffeeneur I am #coffeeneuring – while buying a stove windshield for my next expedition.

The Pret a Manger coffee shop in the centre of my local town.

Distance exactly 2.2 miles.

Ride 3
October 21

Popped on the bike to pick up money before next expedition to Spain on the bike, @coffeeneur is, I hope, jealous

Popped on the bike to pick up money before next expedition to Spain on the bike, @coffeeneur is, I hope, jealous.

A small coffee shop near my bank where I picked up money for my ride across northern Spain.

Distance 2.2 miles.

Ride 4
October 28

My weekly #coffeeneuring ride, this time in Spain. @coffeeneur will be pleased to hear this was part of a 110k day.

My weekly #coffeeneuring ride, this time in Spain. @coffeeneur will be pleased to hear this was part of a 110k day.

A small Spanish town where we were the only customers in a tiny coffee shop.

Distance about 70 miles.

Ride 5
October 30

Hope @coffeeneur is envious I crossed the Pyrenees in a freezing rainstorm yesterday: today #coffeeneuring is this

Hope @coffeeneur is envious I crossed the Pyrenees in a freezing rainstorm yesterday: today #coffeeneuring is this.

A small coffee shop on the border between France and Spain. The sun was shining and it was a real delight – and much nicer than crossing the Pyrenees in a storm the day before.

Distance about 45 miles.

Ride 6
November 4

#coffeeneuring with time for reading. Hoping @coffeeneur would be proud of me. An independent coffee shop, as well.

#coffeeneuring with time for reading. Hoping @coffeeneur would be proud of me. An independent coffee shop, as well.

A newly opened coffee shop in town.

Distance exactly 2.2 miles.

Ride 7
November 11

Enjoying #coffeeneuring cycling challenge so much I might do it every week of the year. @coffeeneur  wouldn't mind...

Enjoying #coffeeneuring cycling challenge so much I might do it every week of the year. @coffeeneur wouldn’t mind…

The closest coffee shop to the bicycle rack in the centre of town. I could see my bike from where I drink coffee.

Distance exactly 2.2 miles.

So that’s it.

Thank you again, Martin, for your delightful summary. This year’s Coffeeneuring Challenge starts October 4!

Team Coffeeneuring with Jason in Lancaster, PA

October 4 is when it all starts– the 2014 edition of the Coffeeneuring Challenge. Yes, it’s less than a week away so I hope you’re getting ready.

There’s no one way to coffeeneur. You can do it by yourself. You can do it with your friends. You can pedal to an actual coffee shop, or you can go to a gas station that sells what is supposedly coffee and call it good. And there’s always the option for a Coffee Shop Without Walls, too.

While you develop your own strategy, I’m sharing Jason‘s Coffeeneuring Challenge summary from last year. Jason was the first person from Lancaster to ever complete one of my challenges. His summary is full of fall riding with bicycling buddies, and tasty coffee beverages. I do hope you enjoy it.


I’m a very active bicyclist here in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and my passion for biking is well-known within my circle of friends. Upon discussing my plans to complete the challenge, many of those friends expressed interest in joining in as well. I wasn’t sure what to think or how to approach this, as many of them are casual bike riders.

I offered a pre-challenge group ride to a local favorite brunch the weekend before the Coffeeneuring Challenge was to begin. Six of us rode thirteen miles to The Tomato Pie Café in nearby Lititz, Pennsylvania, for brunch & coffee drinks.

I had never led a group ride before let alone plot a route. The ride was great, brunch was great and we laid out plans for the next seven weekends. We would assemble a group of anyone willing to join us, ride somewhere to a café, have a bite and a drink, then head home.

I could not have anticipated just how much these rides would affect the participants. Our group stayed small but grew for each consecutive ride, finishing with twelve riders on my seventh coffeeneuring ride.

Each weekend, my circle of friends looked forward to getting out on bikes and visiting a coffee shop. I took suggestions from the group, one coffee ride devolved into a beer ride, at least the participants had never ridden a “real” bike for any meaningful distance. In the end, our seven coffee rides totaled 23 unique participants, collectively riding a total of 157 miles!

In closing, of just like to thank you again for creating this great event and I can guarantee you a contingent of finishers from Lancaster, PA for the next challenge.

Jason I.

Jason Coffeeneuring 1

Ride #1
10/6/13, 4:30 pm
With Lauren, Rob, Jessica Tim, Erica, & Kaley
Original destination: Grand Central Bagel
Actual destination: Chestnut Hill Café
Total distance: 14.5 miles
Drink: Frozen Pumpkin Spice Latte

We originally planned to ride 7 miles to Grand Central Bagel but upon arrival, learned that they close early on Sundays. We regrouped and headed back to town for a drink at Chestnut Hill Café. 7 of us rode together, some friends, some strangers.

All together, a very nice ride, despite the unforeseen change of plans.

Jason Coffeeneuring 2

Ride #2
10/12/13, 3:30 pm
With Jessica, Erica, Tim, Nathan, Eddie, Dan, & Zeke
Destination: Prince Street Café
Total distance: 19.4 miles
Drink: Swirly Squirrel Latte (caramel, hazelnut & cinnamon)

Today’s ride took us through some rolling neighborhoods and into Amish farmland before turning for home & ending the ride at the very popular downtown Prince Street Café.

I had a yummy latte and a delicious raspberry coconut muffin and our group of 8 riders had a great time once again.

Jason Coffeeneuring 3

Ride #3
10/13/13, 3 pm
With Lauren, Jessica, Erica, Tim, Dan, Rob, Brett, Erica, Jay, & Holly
Starbucks Lincoln Hwy
Total distance: 19.5 miles
Grande iced caramel macciato

A study of contrast. We headed south today, through neighborhoods & farmland, our destination was the most commercial, the Starbucks at the outlet mall along the very busy Lincoln Highway.

The return trip traveled through other neighborhoods, a quiet business park and more quiet neighborhoods. Most have agreed that this was the best ride to date. Participants have started inviting their friends along!

Jason Coffeeneuring 4

Ride 4
10/19, 11 am
With Lauren, Jessica, Nathan, Zeke & Isaac
Tomato Pie Café, Lititz
Total distance: 25.8 miles
Drink: Caramel Apple Cider

A small group today because of iffy weather. We made the best of it with a return visit to Tomato Pie. The place was packed so we took our food & drinks to go and had a picnic in the park across the street.

Out return trip included hijacking the course of a Zombie Run 5k. Yikes!

Jason Coffeeneuring 5

Ride 5
11/2/13, 10:30 am
With Lauren, Jessica, Erica, Nathan, Zeke, Isaac, Dan, Kaley, Jake & Nancy
Grand Central Bagel Shop
Total distance: 15 miles
Drink: Pumpkin Pie Chai Latte smoothie

This time they were open, and good thing, we had a big group of thirsty bikers! The weather was warm enough to justify frozen drinks for many of us and we further enjoyed the sunshine by relaxing on their patio for nearly an hour.

Good conversation among good friends included plans for our final coffee ride in two weeks.

Jason Coffeeneuring 6

Ride 6
11/9/13, 10:30 am
With Lauren, Jessica, Nathan, Dan, Kaley, Dan, Fran, Heidi & Tim
Higher Grounds, Mount Joy
Total distance: 38 miles
Drink: Dark roast coffee, cinnamon scone

Three beginners joined our caffeinated cyclists for a trip suggested by one of our own. Not a short trip, but not an easy one either.

We were rewarded with yummy drinks & snacks and a chance to return via a portion of rail trail in full fall foliage. Certainly the longest of any of our rides.

Our group finished at Lancaster Brewing Company as it was agreed that we’d earned burgers & beers.

Jason Coffeeneuring 7

Ride 7
11/16/13, 1:00 pm
With Lauren, Jessica, Erica, Nathan,Zeke, Dan, Kaley, Erica, Justin, Jay & Brett
Café Chocolate, Lititz
Total distance: 25 miles
Drink: Frozen Strawberry Chocolate Blast

Even on our last coffee official ride, we managed a new recruit! The ride was an already familiar route to many in the group, with a new destination, a place many of us had hoped to visit for the first time.

We were lucky in the weather once again, with unseasonably warm temps. Again our ride finished say a local watering hole, this time The Fridge, where we were met by four other folks who couldn’t make the ride.

We had a nice little wrap up session and then continued on further with a sushi dinner to close our 2013 coffeeneuring adventure.

Congratulations once again, Jason, and thank you so much for your friend-filled guest post!