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Utilitaire 12: Winners Announced! Finally!

The Utilitaire 12 was all about celebrating everyday errands and cycling trips. Utility cyclists have figured out ways to use our bikes, our legs, and our own steam to live various aspects of our lives, carry stuff from point A to point B, and get things done. I think that deserves some recognition.

People rode to haircuts, Goodwill, bike shops, the dentist, movies, museums, concerts, basketball games, the post office, FridayCoffeeClub, and libraries. They coffeeneured, lunched, dined, attended various volunteer and community meetings, and went grocery shopping. They even rode to bike rides (meta-utilitairing!). People took photos and diligently filled out paperwork.

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A Utilitaire Prevented me from Posting the Utilitaire 12 Winners

I intended to announce the Utilitaire 12 winners today, but Felkerino’s and my double whammy utilitaire to dinner and the grocery store kept it from happening.

Utilitaire to the grocery store via Arlington Cemetery

I don’t want to give the Utilitaire 12 short shrift so I’ll be doing a longer post about it tomorrow. I will give you this teaser, however.

  • 14 individuals completed the Utilitaire 12; and
  • 9 participants earned an honorable mention.

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Utilitaire 12: Final Day!

Today, March 16, is the FINAL day for completing the Utilitaire 12. If you’ve been participating in the challenge you are probably well aware of that, but just in case it escaped your mind and you still have a utilitaire pending, today (Friday) is your day!

Community Meeting Utilitaire (FridayCoffeeClub) at Swing's

People have through March 18 (that is, midnight in your area or before I wake up on the 19th) to send me their paperwork.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this challenge and seeing all the different types of riding people do in lots of different places. I also added some new blogs to my regular reading list.

As of this post, I’ve received eight submissions and I look forward to more in the next few days.

Zombies in the Bike Lane

Wishing everybody a great weekend, and all the best to those getting out for brevets this weekend!

Utilitaire Roundup: the Final Week!

Yowza! The utilitaire deadline is almost upon us. Participants have until this Friday (March 16) to complete their 12 utilitaires so we are truly in the final throes of the challenge.

Lots has been happening while I’ve been away, and I’ve already received four utilitaire control cards for validation. I look forward to receiving several more in the coming days.

The zombies love Capital Bikeshare. Perfect for utilitaires!

In the meantime, here’s a summary of what’s been going on in the land of the utilitaires.

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Utilitaire 12 Roundup, Week 4

Utilitaires are a great way for me to get out the door when I might be swayed to stay inside otherwise. This Saturday the winds were howling in the D.C. area, but I had a baby shower utilitaire to attend. I pedaled my way diligently to the shower, totally focused on my destination and blocking out the windy conditions with my mind. My reward was a lovely baby shower, a bit of exercise, and an awesome tailwind on my return trip. Thank you, utilitaire cycling!

Friday ride home into the sunset

What other utilitaires have been happening, you ask? Let me fill you in…
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Utilitaire 12, Week 3 Roundup: Wheels Keep Turning

Friends of the spoked wheel, I am having the best time reading about all the utilitaires people are doing. I’ve found that it’s the everyday adventures that give life its spice, and that’s what I see in the utilitaire posts, tweets, and photos. In daytime, darkness, weekdays, sick days, and all kinds of weather people are out pedaling to get things done and make the everyday routine special.

Additionally, people often turn their utilitaires into multiple destination rides, which has given me a great idea for my NEXT challenge.

So let’s talk utilitaires. What’s been going on? Here’s some of what I know:
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Utilitaire Rules Update: Pedestrian Allowance

Hi, blog readers! I’ve added an additional provision in the Utilitaire Rules. 

I Have Something to Tell You Panda

While the name of the game in the Utilitaire 12 is ride your bike, I also recognize the following things:

  1. It’s winter so there may be inclement weather that prevents a person from riding; 
  2. Some people have jobs that require them to travel and they can’t always bring their bikes along; and
  3. A major mechanical could require your bike to be in the shop and leave you sans bike.

To account for these situations, I will allow for two of your utilitaires to be by foot.  Your walk must at least 10 minutes each way, for a total of 20 minutes.

How did I decide on ten minutes? It passed my personal commen sense test in its comparability to the minimum utilitaire travel time on a bike.

All other Utilitaire rules apply. I will also update the Utilitare Rules accordingly. Happy riding (and walking)!

Utilitaire 12, Week Two Roundup

Utilitaire trip by the Capitol

That was a chilly weekend! Wouldn’t want the Utilitaire 12 to be too easy. Good to have a little winter weather (at least for the D.C. area) to spice it up.

Two updates to the rules. They are listed below and I also added them to the Utilitaire Q&A.
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Utilitaire 12 Roundup

Tweeting about the Utilitaire 12

Week two of the Utilitaire 12. Already? Yes, already, so if you’re thinking about jumping in on the fun, now’s the perfect time!

While some football game played, I surfed around to see what kind of utilitairing the tweeps and peeps have been doing. Here is a litle rundown of what I unearthed:
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Utilitaire 12 Q&A

Wow! The Utilitaire 12 just went live this morning, and already people are planning their strategies for completion. Excellent, I say!

People asked quite a few questions as well so I’ve put together this post to address them.

Note: I will update this page as additional questions arise.

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Winter Cycling Challenge: The Utilitaire 12

If you regularly read this blog, you know that I use my bike as my main form of transportation. I’ve found it is the best way for me to travel around the city and get the things I need.

Riding to coffee on the Romulus

I know some of you like bicycling for those same reasons, which is why I’ve decided it’s time for a pre-spring bike challenge. Are you ready? Today I’m launching the Utilitaire 12, which will run from today through March 16.

What’s a utilitaire? Essentially, it’s utility cycling– a ride on your bike to do an errand, or to transport yourself some place for a specific purpose. Cycling to lunch, to the grocery store, your job… it all falls under utilitairing.

For purposes of this contest, riders can select from a full list of Utilitaire 12-eligible categories.

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