My Bikes

These are the bikes currently in my part of the Dining Room Bike Shop:

Co-Motion Java on Whites Ferry

Co-Motion Java

Bike Friday

Bike Friday Pocket Rocket

Rawland dSogn

Rawland dSogn

Rivendell Quickbeam

Rivendell Romulus

Rivendell Romulus

Surly LHT by the Lincoln

Surly LHT

Rawland Nordavinden

Rawland Nordavinden

Velo Orange Mixte

Velo Orange Mixte

Bike Friday Tikit

Bike Friday Tikit

Dahon Hon Solo

Cannondale Mountain Tandem, i.e., the lead sled

Bikes from the past:

The Co-Motion Speedster

  • Novara Randonnee. Used as my commuter for a couple of years, but replaced with the Surly LHT, which was a better fit for me.
Novara Randonnee

Novara Randonnee

18 responses to “My Bikes

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  2. Mary, thank you for making me feel good about myself. It is always a little weird to tell people how many bikes I have and to try to explain myself. For me, I love the different ride I get from my bikes plus I enjoy maintaining, upgrading or building up the bike. They are all great to ride and some do have a different purpose. As I get older and keep adding the miles, it just gets better and better as I ride them and I get to apprecciate them more. It is always tough to say which one is my favorite ride. My Velo-Orange Rando is perfect for my long brevets, my Black Mountain Cycles road bike just rocks for long clubs rides and quick 200k’s, my Trek 950 is my perfect commuter and beater, and my BF Pocket Rocket is my happy travel bike that I do use in my travels at work. And I do have 4 more bikes!

    PS: you have a great collection of bikes!

    Bob Torres

    • You are welcome! I initially felt a little strange exposing the number of bikes I own, but given that I really like them all and feel that they each have a somewhat unique niche in my collection, I got over it. I like having multiple bikes to ride, as long as I am, in fact, riding them and we have the space to house them. Felkerino is also a big fan of building up bikes and creating that unique ride. I should hit you up for a Bikes to Like post on the VO Randonneur… that looks like a great ride! Also, I’m curious about your experience with the Friday Pocket Rocket, particularly what are the widest tires you can run on it? Mine seems to top out at 28s… Maybe it’s destined to be my fast bike!

      • A “Bikes to Like” post on my VO Rando sounds like a fun thing to do. My BF Pocket Rocket is currently set up with these tires, PRIMO COMET 20×1-1/8. The last time I measure the tire’s width I remember reading 26 mm. Without fenders I’ve been told that it can be fitted with 20×1-3/8 and that’s it. We both are riding the road version with 451 wheels. And yes it can go fast with this set up which makes it a fun bike.

  3. Girl, you have a LOT of bikes- I thought my husband was the only one! Have you started to name them yet?

  4. I had no idea your dining room was so big. How, or why, do you have three little wheel bikes?

  5. Whenever I feel like the number of bikes I have may get out of hand I always click on “Bikes I Ride” on your blog.

    • Ha! I did not mean to end up with so many bikes, but as my riding evolved so did my bike stable. And being married to someone who also rides and loves bikes did not help!

  6. Congratulations on having so few bikes MG! I too need to pare down my collection.

  7. Volney Hildreth


    Volney here…

    Live in N.M. and I too have a number of bikes. I ride a lot; yet have started to realize that some of the bikes I have acquired no longer get used. I would like to be able to move them towards another; yet have as yet found a way to give them or sell them to someone who I would want to. Kind of weird: in that I would like to feel that they are going to a good home.

    Was wondering if you have any ideas that I have not considered.

    Ideally might be something like an adoption program where would not have to incur a packing and shipping expense.

    I think you; having a big enough following, might be able to make something along these lines work. Interested?


  8. Now you need a Fat Bike to round out your collection! Ride safely!

  9. Hey MG – I saw on Rawland’s page that you ride their Nordavinden. How do you find the bike?

    I’m looking for a new bike to replace the MTB frame that was cracked and am exploring options that are more suitable for Audax / bikepacking / gravel grinding. I’m still keeping my 1997 Trek OCLV 5200 as my primary road bike.

    How do you find the Rawland?

    The reason I ask is because someone here in Australia is selling a medium sized Rawland Drakkar frame set for $650 including postage and headset (for perspective, a new steel Salsa Fargo frameset costs about $1,500 and a new titanium Muru BNT frameset costs $1,700 plus headset & postage). I’ve read great reviews of the Drakkar but had never heard of Rawland before last night. I know you ride a lot and do a similar kind of riding that I’m wanting to use the bike for (with the exception of the snow and ice of course because we don’t have that). I suspect the medium frame will be slightly too large for me (I’m just a tad shorter than 5’6″) and there were apparently only about 5 Rawland Drakkars sold in Australia.

    But, given you ride the Nordavinden and dSogn, I am interested in your experiences with Rawland bikes.


    • I love my Rawlands! The dSogn is perfect for dirt and the Nordavinden is a great brevet/century bike. These are well thought-out bikes, and offer a great ride. Both of mine are mediums and I am 5′ 8″.

      You can see more pics of these bikes on my flickr site to give you a sense of how much seatpost is showing and the stem height, etc. Also, Rawland has a google group where you could also check out what others have said about sizing, particularly as it relates to the Drakkar:!forum/rcog. Good luck, I’m interested to hear what you decide to do.

      • Hey MG – I’m glad to read you love the Rawlands. I am seriously considering the Drakkar that’s for sale here. I’m considering asking the guy selling it to measure his torso for me because it might be that he’s long in the leg and short in the body, which could account for the top tube being just that bit too long (he rides it as a commuter). Perhaps I am short in the leg and long in the torso.

        The price is right for me … for the $1,000 difference between it and the other frames I could buy a set of wheels with dynamo hub

      • Hey MG – I found the Google group and posted there. Someone contacted me this morning to say they are selling a small Drakkar frame and forks for $300US + postage (about $100US). Am seriously considering it pending them showing me photos of their bike (I’ll show the photos to a guy I know who can spot a bent frame from 100 miles).

        I’m seriously considering it but am not totally sold on it yet because I need to do the maths on whether it’s a good buy as far as cost of building the whole bike is concerned.

  10. Many bikes. Approve! N+1=optimal number filling available space.

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