Joy, Adventure, and Solo Bike Touring: Zoe of Women BikeDC

I started riding when I was 7 or 8. On a trip to the county dump with my dad, we found a gem of a purple bike in the heaps of trash and took it home. He fixed it up, my grandpa spray painted it pink, and I was off!

I first met Zoe through the D.C. Randonneurs, I think, or maybe it was Friday Coffee Club. A fellow Iowan, last year I watched virtually as Zoe set out on a solo bike tour from Virginia to Illinois. Never having solo toured, her journey intrigued me. I asked if she would be up for talking about her tour as well as other cycling-related issues. As you can see, she agreed. Thank you so much, Zoe, for being part of the Women BikeDC series. Your solo tour and independent spirit is truly inspiring to me. Continue reading Joy, Adventure, and Solo Bike Touring: Zoe of Women BikeDC

Training for Randonneuring Rides on a Tandem

Those of you who receive American Randonneur– a quarterly publication of Randonneurs USA– may find this article about randonneuring tandem basics familiar, as it is a piece that was recently published in the Summer edition. I’m reprinting it here. Thanks to Mike Wali for the pics in this piece. Continue reading Training for Randonneuring Rides on a Tandem

Lisa of Women BikeDC

There is a feeling you get when you are just relaxing on a ride, maybe as you sit up and glide into your destination, take a deep breath, and feel at home with yourself and the world. I’ve found that– in situations far removed from the bike, such as meetings– I can re-create that feeling and settle into the work. When there’s controversy and drama, I can summon that centered sense of self and be more effective.

Today’s Women BikeDC interview features Lisa, a sport rider and commuter from the Takoma Park area. I’ve known Lisa virtually for quite some time through the Coffeeneuring Challenge and the Errandonnee, but only recently had the pleasure of meeting in person (during this year’s Hilly Billy Roubaix, in fact). Continue reading Lisa of Women BikeDC

BikeDC Homebody

Over the last month, I spent many days traveling outside of D.C.– away from Felkerino, the office, and the daily bike commute.

I suppose a change of scenery is a good thing. It’s always interesting to have a brief window into life outside the city. Continue reading BikeDC Homebody

Cycling to Get Places: Fionnuala of Women BikeDC

Mostly, I ride because it’s my favorite way of getting around. I like seeing street life and buildings as well as the landscape and nature at the pace that I can take them in. I also enjoy the chance everyday encounters as I travel around the community. This isn’t to say you won’t find me ferrying teenagers around the suburbs in my mini-van. But I like to arrange my life so that, when I can and as much as I can, I bike instead.
Fionnuala Quinn

For today’s Women BikeDC interview, we’re going out to the Virginia suburbs to talk with Fionnuala. I’m surprised to note that I’ve never met Fionnuala in person, but have come to know her over the years through the excellent transportation advocacy work she does on behalf of cyclists and pedestrians in our area. Continue reading Cycling to Get Places: Fionnuala of Women BikeDC

Hilly Billy Roubaix 2015 on Tandem: Operation Lump of Coal

Over the last three years, I have developed a hopeless crush on the Hilly Billy Roubaix. This 72-mile ride over unpaved state roads out of Morgantown, West Virginia, raises my heart rate and heightens my senses. Despite muddy roads and unrelenting steep gravel climbs and descents, I can’t stay away. Continue reading Hilly Billy Roubaix 2015 on Tandem: Operation Lump of Coal

Letter from Jerry: 3500 Kilometers into Bike Touring Alaska to D.C.

As I write this, our friend is out on the road somewhere, pedaling steadily eastward. Jerry talked with me before he departed for his big cross-country bike tour, and you can read those thoughts here.

Now that Jerry’s been traveling for a few weeks, I thought it would be great to catch up with him and see how his travels are going. Thanks, Jerry, for sharing your progress with us, both here and through your Instagram (tenmetersfromthehut). 

Continue reading Letter from Jerry: 3500 Kilometers into Bike Touring Alaska to D.C.

PBP Qualified…

Our recent finish of the D.C. Randonneurs 600K brevet means that Felkerino and I have now qualified for Paris-Brest-Paris. Continue reading PBP Qualified…

Freedom on Two Wheels: Grace of Women BikeDC

First and foremost, riding bicycles has brought me closer to the vibrant biking community of D.C. It has heightened my appreciation of nature & my environmental concerns. I also believe it has made me a healthier and much happier individual.

As I began putting together today’s Women BikeDC feature, I realized that I have known Grace for a few years now, but have never heard her cycling story or thoughts on riding in the D.C. area. Continue reading Freedom on Two Wheels: Grace of Women BikeDC

Eat If It Looks Good? Not So Fast: Fueling on Brevets

This year, I began to be more deliberate about how I eat during brevets, especially the 400K and 600K distances.

I’m not the best eater nor am I a nutrition expert, but I have ridden a fair number of long rides up to 1200K distances employing both good and regrettable fueling strategies over the years. Experience has been a fine teacher. Continue reading Eat If It Looks Good? Not So Fast: Fueling on Brevets

Stop telling the bike commuter it’s going to rain: Reba of Women BikeDC

I find the bike riding population in D.C. to be eclectic and interesting. I talk to a lot of people, sometimes I don’t get their name or their history, we just share the moment we are in and then ride on. Biking is about being present in the moment you are in and not trying to predict the next day.

The Women BikeDC interviews return this week with Reba, another Friday Coffee Club regular (Swing’s Coffee at 17th and G NW in D.C., every Friday, stop by if you can!) and daily bike commuter. Reba rides a round trip commute of 30+ miles and also makes sure to get her century fix when Fall comes around.
Continue reading Stop telling the bike commuter it’s going to rain: Reba of Women BikeDC

Finding Your Randonneur Superpower

When you begin to dabble in the randonneuring arts, you may have an inkling of what your cycling strengths are. You may develop additional skills for riding long-distance. However, it is only through doing brevets over time that your randonneur superpower will reveal itself to you. Continue reading Finding Your Randonneur Superpower

Living On In Memories

This past weekend I had one of the best rides of my life on the D.C. Randonneurs 600K brevet, and that’s not the randonnesia talking. The course layout, weather, and randonneur fellowship combined to set up a practically perfect 375 miles. Continue reading Living On In Memories

Randonneuring Beneath the Stars

The sun flares orange and pink, drops behind the mountains, and leaves us. Felkerino and I pause to don night gear, assess our 600K progress, and estimate the hours of night riding ahead. Continue reading Randonneuring Beneath the Stars

Addicting, Fun, Rewarding: Cyndi of Women BikeDC

My favorite thing about riding in D.C. is the community. These people just rock and make riding a bike fun. I mean, who else is going to think riding around Hains Point countless times during the middle of winter of is a good idea?
–Cyndi J.

I met Cyndi, a year-round cyclist who puts up big miles coming into the city every day from Northern Virginia, at Friday Coffee Club. I was amazed how nothing seemed to deter her from commuting– not even cold gloomy winter days when there was snow on the ground. Continue reading Addicting, Fun, Rewarding: Cyndi of Women BikeDC

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