Transformation and Inspiration

It’s surreal to recall it now, but bicycling– even running– were largely absent from my life during my post-college twenties. I worked long hours, drove my car, and attended many a happy hour.

For a time that life seemed alright, but as the years progressed I noticed small disconcerting signs. I gained weight from a poor diet and sedentary lifestyle. Twinges emanated from my lower back because of all the daily driving and stress from long hours at my job.

Happy hours felt like a hamster wheel to nowhere, replete with superficial bar chat, and a feeling that I was wasting time and money. Probably because the conversations were superficial, and I was wasting time and money.

Something had to change, propelled from the inside out. Continue reading Transformation and Inspiration

Nothing To It But To Do It: Linel of Women BikeDC, Part 1

I have learned to approach many hurdles in life as if they were a ride on a new road. At first you might feel apprehensive and tentative, but once you do it, it becomes clear that all it takes is committing to that first push of the pedal. You may go slow or even fall at first, but if you keep at it, you will get there.

Today’s Women BikeDC interview features Linel, a daily rider who uses her bike in diverse ways– work commutes, errands, play, coffee, ice cream. Linel does it all by bike, a lot of it on a nicely customized olive green Surly Long Haul Trucker. Continue reading Nothing To It But To Do It: Linel of Women BikeDC, Part 1

Summer Legs on the C&O

Lately I haven’t had a lot of words to describe my riding. I have things to write, but my mind has been fuzzy and my motivation rather stilted with regard to writing any posts. I also have some work things that have required my time and attention.

However, friends, I have been riding. My summer legs are starting to come in now. These are the legs that show themselves during the brevet season. They have the urge and strength to ride and just keep riding. How long? Until daylight ends. Until the battery in my headlight dies. Until dinner. Until I need to be in bed for work the next day. Continue reading Summer Legs on the C&O

Our Friend Jerry is Going Coast to Coast: Bike Touring Alaska to D.C.

Over the last couple of years, Felkerino and I have had the pleasure of getting to know Jerry, a local cyclist and fellow D.C. Randonneur who will be riding a solo coast-to-coast tour from Alaska to Washington, D.C.

We first heard rumblings of Jerry’s trip last year. As we rode together through the winter and spring months, we noticed Jerry showing up with new rack attachments and testing pannier setups on his Independent touring frame.

Hmmm, I said to myself, this bike tour talk is not just chatter. I think he’s really going to do it.

And so he is. Next month the adventure begins. Before he sets off, I asked Jerry to share some pre-trip thoughts with us, and he graciously agreed. Continue reading Our Friend Jerry is Going Coast to Coast: Bike Touring Alaska to D.C.

Mary P. of Women BikeDC: From 12 Miles to an Ironman

For me and a lot of women on my team, there is a direct correlation between our development as endurance athletes—-often literally from practically nothing—-and our development as strong, independent, badass women.

I love seeing both journeys, and the interconnection between them is something that should be celebrated and promoted.

That comment comes from Mary P., cyclist and author of the blog IndyFlies. As an endurance sports enthusiast, I was eager to talk with Mary for the Women BikeDC series to learn more about her progression from recreational rider to four-time finisher of Ironmans(!).

I also wondered how her experiences as a sport and transportation rider inform her views about cycling in the D.C. area. Thank you so much, Mary, for sharing your thoughts with us today!

What word sums up your bicycling experience?

Flying Continue reading Mary P. of Women BikeDC: From 12 Miles to an Ironman

Women BikeDC with BikeArlington’s Tin Lizzie Rides Again

I’m excited to feature one of my favorite bloggers in today’s Women BikeDC interview. Elizabeth, who writes the blog Tin Lizzie Rides Again, lives and rides in the Arlington area.

Some of her recent posts include tips for effective cycling, clothing reviews, as well as highlights of her own bike-friendly and often-reflective sewing projects. I’m always impressed by the clothing that Elizabeth makes. She has so much talent!

I’ll leave it to Elizabeth to tell us more… Continue reading Women BikeDC with BikeArlington’s Tin Lizzie Rides Again

Randonneuring: Making the Ordinary Extraordinary

Randonneuring events allow ordinary people like me to participate in extraordinary bike rides. Brevets changed my definition of a long day ride, from a century to more than double that– distances I previously could not even conceptualize pedaling.

The randonneuring community helped me feel okay as a rider who does not move particularly fast, but has a body that has proven itself durable over time and distance.

Yes, you must be in some semblance of decent physical shape, own a road-worthy bicycle, and have the free time to take on a brevet. But as long as you maintain an overall speed of 10 miles per hour, an ordinary person will be a successful randonneur. Continue reading Randonneuring: Making the Ordinary Extraordinary

Deb of Women BikeDC. Part 2: Woman on a Bike

We’re back with the second half of Deb’s Women BikeDC interview. If you missed Part 1, you can find it here.

Today focuses on what it’s like for Deb as a woman who rides, and the reasons why some women might hesitate to take up bicycling. I found her discussion of identity and women’s ability to identify as cyclists particularly intriguing.

What is a word or phrase that summarizes your bicycling experience?


How does it feel to be a woman who rides in an area where women are less than 26% of the riding population?

Continue reading Deb of Women BikeDC. Part 2: Woman on a Bike


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