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Becoming Vulnerable to Change

For the past several months, whenever I have ventured to the gym for a weight workout on my own, I’ve repeated the same routine. A routine that works the basic muscle groups, I have felt locked into doing it because it’s what I know and I was at a loss for how to switch it up.


Last week I asked one of the trainers whose group classes I regularly attend how he goes about developing a workout for himself. He had a quick response.

“You know how I go about developing a workout routine? I think about three things:

  1. Fitness goals. What are the kinds of activities you want to do outside of the gym?
  2. Weak areas. What are areas of your body that are not strong that you want to develop?
  3. Appearance. Look at yourself in the mirror. Is there some way that you want to look different and where is that area on your body?”

To my surprise, he then added, “Go home, look at yourself in a mirror, write down the answers to those three questions and get back to me next week. I’ll write a workout for you.”

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