Danger Panda!
Danger Panda!
chasing mailboxes, June 12
New Bike! Rawland dSogn, June 15
300K Fun Ride – Warrenton, Virginia, June 20
Summer Solstice Dahon Hon Solo Ride, June 21
Saying Good-Bye to our Friend Stan Miller, June 26
The Journey, June 28
Let Us be Mindful and Caring, June 30
Washington, D.C., Commute Scenes: Argyle, July 1
4th of July Preparations. DO NOT ENTER! July 4
All Commute and No Play Makes D.C. a Dull Place: Virginia Highlands Mini-Tour! July 5
Extra Credit to This Week’s Commuters, July 7
The Been-There-Done-That Jersey, Paris-Brest-Paris, and Tourists, July 8
Washington, D.C., Commute Scenes: The Monuments, July 9
Attention! New York Avenue Sculpture Project, July 12
Rain Welcome, but Timing Needs Improvement, July 14
Washington, D.C., Bike Parking Scenes, July 15
Wild & Wonderful West Virginia RUSA Permanent, July 18
The Up-Side of Rain, July 19
Devin’s Rivendell Quickbeam with the Double Top Tube, July 20
D.C. Commute Scenes: Bikes on Cars. Six of them! July 23
D.C. Commute Scenes: Spirit of Justice Park, July 28
Arena Stage: Almost Finished! July 28
You Never Know What’s Going to Happen on Your Sunday Ride, August 1
The Perfect Reward for a Rough Commute: Curbside Cupcakes. August 3
Bikes to Like: The Surly Long Haul Trucker, August 5
Quickbeam Sunday Ride through Rock Creek Park, August 8
The Lincolnometer, August 10
Bikes to Like: Cannondale Tandem, August 12
No Money Fun: Gravelly Point, August 16
The Quiet Period: Tapering for the Endless Mountains 1000K, August 17
Flip Flop Commuters, August 19
Bike and Roll and Pedicabs, August 19
Bicycle Touring on the W&OD Trail, August 22
Crooked Helmet Photos, August 24
Endless Mountains 1000K – Update! August 29
I Used to be a Randonneur Superhero, August 31
Post-1000K Walking, September 1
Does your Bicycle Gravitate towards Bakeries? September 6
Saving Up Nice Days for Rainy Ones, September 7
Tour Buses and My Commute, September 9
Sustenance in the City, September 10
D.C. Commute Scenes: Unicycle Style, September 13
My Endless Mountains 1000K Story, September 15
I Love Farmers’ Markets, September 16
Randonneur Paparazzi and the Civil War Tour 200K, September 19
Pandas! September 21, 2010
Field Trip: Tennessee Valley Bicycles. Knoxville, Tennessee, September 23
WABA 50 States Ride, September 26
Field Trip: Suck Creek Cycle. Chattanooga, Tennessee, September 28
A Cyclist Hurt my Feelings Today. Boo hoo. September 30
Perfect Fall Friday! October 1
I Have an Announcement to Make: Fall is Here! October 3
Metro? Sometimes, it’s alright. October 5
Field Trip: River City Bicycles, Chattanooga, TN, October 6
Felkerino’s New Jersey, October 7
On the road, October 10
Romney, West Virginia, October 10
Commuter Kryptonite: Wheel Eating Pothole on 15th Street, October 11
On the way to Moorefield, WV, October 11
Franklin, WV, October 11
Hello Virginia Highlands! October 12
Fall Touring Fun, October 12
With Love from Raphine, Virginia, October 13
Waynesboro, Virginia, October 13
Field Trip: Harper’s Bike Shop. Knoxville, Tennessee, October 14
Skyline Drive – mile 105 to 42, October 14
Skyline Drive – mile 42 to 0, October 15
We interrupt this tour for the D.C. Randonneurs 200K Brevet, October 16
The Tour that Keeps on Giving. From Harpers Ferry, WV – Home, October 17
The Accidentally Humbling Multi-Modal Fall Bicycle Tour, October 18
Farmers’ Market and a Rivendell Romulus! October 21
Cycling the C&O Canal, October 25
Seen at the Seagull Century, October 27
Have you met my flickr friend, Pedro Gringo? November 2
Our Co-Motion Tandem, November 3
Pennsylvania Randonneurs Stillwater 200K, November 7
Catching up with George SwainNovember 8
Capital Bikeshare. Crazy Dreams Coming True. November 10
Veterans Day, November 11
Treasure! Velo Orange MixteNovember 16
Brrr! Cold Weather Riding! November 28
Missing the Bike and Thank You Notes: Quickbeam Edition, December 6
Missing the Bike and Thank You Notes: Co-Motion Tandem Edition, December 7
Back in the Saddle: 93-Mile Tandem Ride, December 12
Missing the Bike: Surly LHT Edition, December 13
Nostalgia Edition: A Tandem Century First Date, December 15
Tree Decorating, Bicycle Style, December 19
What Makes December Cycling Fun, December 21
Santa Hat Helmet Cover = Extra Festive + Extra Nice Drivers? December 24
Holy High Winds, Batman! December 27
Happy New Year! December 31

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