Arena Stage: Almost Finished!

For those of you who pass through Southwest via Maine Avenue, something exciting happened on Wednesday. The barricades blocking off one lane of Maine Avenue were removed and now people can actually walk on the new sidewalk by Arena Stage. It’s TRUE! I walked there myself.

Arena Stage. July 28, 2010

In addition, it looks like Arena will be back in their home theater in October. Just a few more months! This has been a cool project to watch come together. In March of this year, things looked a little different.

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D.C. Commute Scenes: Spirit of Justice Park

This week, I had to run an errand near Capitol Hill. While in that neck of the woods, I took a couple minutes to pop into the Spirit of Justice Park. The park sits behind the Rayburn House Office Building between C and D Streets, Southwest. I think I’ve been in this park before, but most often I just walk by it. I’m glad I … Continue reading D.C. Commute Scenes: Spirit of Justice Park

D.C. Commute Scenes: Bikes on Cars. Six of them!

While I was en route to the office yesterday, I happened upon this.

Five singles and a quint. It’s true!

This car is carrying six bicycles, including a quint.

The Quint!

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Devin’s Rivendell Quickbeam with the Double Top Tube

Every day I see a bike that attracts my attention.  If I can, I’ll try and take a photo of the bike or at least tell the rider, “Hey, I like your bike!”

Recently, Felkerino and I saw a bike that turned our heads so much we chased the rider down to find out more about it. We don’t normally chase down our fellow cyclists (so don’t be worried, fellow commuters!). However, when we saw this bicycle, we felt we had to seize the moment.

Devin’s Quickbeam at the White House Plaza. Note the double top tube!

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Wild & Wonderful West Virginia RUSA Permanent

I am so lucky to live in Washington, D.C. Despite the large metropolitan area in which Felkerino and I live, we are a stone’s throw away from beautiful cycling (with mountains, yay!) on quiet back roads.

This weekend, Felkerino and I headed out to the Shenandoah and the mountains of West Virginia to work on our climbing legs. This particular ride was the 203 Kilometer Wild & Wonderful RUSA Permanent #713, designed by D.C. Randonneur George Moore.

Making the trip out was a bit of a haul (about a two hour drive), but the ride was stunning and lots of the riding was shady (always a plus  in the summertime). Here are a few highlights to share.

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Washington, D.C., Bike Parking Scenes

One of these things is not like the other One of these things just doesn’t belong… Can you figure out what it is? This was the status of the bike rack at my local grocery store Thursday evening. I know it’s not always easy for people to find a place for their dog to hang out while they’re inside shopping, but I was a little … Continue reading Washington, D.C., Bike Parking Scenes

Rain Welcome, but Timing Needs Improvement

Did you know that in the past six days, the Washington, D.C., area has received over 3.77 inches of rain? Capitol Weather Gang told me so!

It’s Raining Again

I’m glad the area is getting rain because apparently we are at the beginnings of a drought. However, I do have an issue with the timing of the recent precipitation, as it seems to coincide precisely with the moment that I step outside. I’m trying not to take it personally.

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Attention! New York Avenue Sculpture Project

One of the reasons I like walking and riding around town is that I see more of the city than when I’m in a car or going subterranean on Metro.

Today, over a lunchtime stroll, I came upon these.

Arbre Serpents (Serpent Tree)

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The Been-There-Done-That Jersey, Paris-Brest-Paris, and Tourists

As some of you may know, Felkerino and I are big fans of the wool and try to regularly infuse it into our cycling attire.  However, when the weather takes a turn for the toasty, we both switch to the light synthetics.

While I favor the mono-color synthetic cycling jersey, Felkerino seems to like wearing his various Paris-Brest-Paris (PBP) jerseys.  I generally find that event jerseys are not my fashion, but perhaps if I had ever ridden PBP, I would want to wear that jersey, too.

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Extra Credit to This Week’s Commuters

Is the sun on a collision course with Earth?  It sure feels like it!

It’s hot. I’m going single speed with sandals.

Temperatures this week have been rising and staying in the triple digits — yes, triple!  According to Dan Stillman of the Washington Post’s Capital Weather Gang:

yesterday’s highs of 102 at National and 100 at Dulles were one and two degrees short of the respective record highs for the day, while BWI’s 105 broke the old record of 101.

This has been making the rides to and from work this week extra memorable, at least until that part of my memory fries out from the swelter.

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All Commute and No Play Makes D.C. a Dull Place: Virginia Highlands Mini-Tour!

As I’ve previously noted, commuting is a great way to maneuver back and forth to work.  However, when my cycling consists only of commuting miles, it becomes a drag.  That’s why Felkerino and I planned a Virginia Highlands Mini-Tour for this past 4th of July weekend.  (Plus, Hains Point was closed so what else were we supposed to do?)

Our ride consisted of three days of riding, with the first and last day based on Crista Borras’s Devil’s Wicked Stepmother 400K Permanent ride. Crista’s short description reads that the route travels through “West Virginia highlands, Virginia’s Blue Grass Valley, Shenandoah Valley & LOTSA mountains.”

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4th of July Preparations. DO NOT ENTER!

As the 4th of July approaches in Washington, D.C., there is a gradual devolution of our landscape. Port-o-potties are imported from all areas of the country and plopped throughout the National Mall. Fencing and chicken wire crop up everywhere.

Worst of all, one of the local cyclists’ favorite spots to catch some easy miles becomes verboten territory. Hains Point, located in the Southwest quadrant of the city, will be completely blocked off until the end of the 4th festivities. Felkerino and I suspect this is where the city stores all its fireworks, but since they won’t let us ride there, we can’t ride down the Point to tell you if that is actually true.

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Washington, D.C., Commute Scenes: Argyle

Yesterday, I was on my way home and spotted this rider.  As he paused to take a phone call, I couldn’t help but notice his fancy argyle socks.  They’re awesome! Now, argyle has become somewhat trendy in some cycling circles, with companies making argyle arm warmers, cycling-specific argyle socks, and even argyle jerseys. But this guy just said, I’m wearing my regular argyle socks on … Continue reading Washington, D.C., Commute Scenes: Argyle