Brrr! Cold Weather Riding!

Hi, everybody. Remember the good old days of fall riding? Well, I think they are over! Time to haul out the winter wool, booties, and heavier gloves. Maybe even the balaclava. As for me, I’m heading to Florida. Ha!

Ray and Mike near Harpers Ferry

Saturday, Felkerino and I made it out with a few friends for a mostly cloudy 90 miles. I felt duped by the weather people as they had been predicting sun all day, and a high of 49 degrees. That was a good laugh. Continue reading “Brrr! Cold Weather Riding!”

Treasure! Velo Orange Mixte

This week, a present arrived for me.

Velo Orange

What? A present for me?! What could it be… Continue reading “Treasure! Velo Orange Mixte”

Capital Bikeshare. Crazy Dreams Coming True.

CaBi. Good news for the city.

If anyone had ever told me that one day in the future I would be able to walk around Washington, D.C., with a special key, pass by racks of bikes peppered throughout the city, insert my special key, and ride off with a bike underneath me I would have said “No way! That’s just a crazy dream.”

But sometimes crazy dreams do come true. Capital Bikeshare is proof of that. Continue reading “Capital Bikeshare. Crazy Dreams Coming True.”

Catching up with George Swain

George Swain was about 25 miles into this past August’s Endless Mountains 1000K when his ride abruptly ended. A car rear-ended him at speed. I remember seeing George at the accident scene that day. Helplessness, shock, and worry all ran through my body.

I learned later that, by some miracle, George had escaped neurological injury. Doctors expected him to make a full recovery. That said, he broke 24 bones in his body and his healing process has been ongoing since the last week of August.

I’ve been following George’s journey through the Caring Bridge website. George and his family have been so great about apprising us of his progress. He has also been posting updates to his blog, the Hudson Valley Randonneur. Continue reading “Catching up with George Swain”

Pennsylvania Randonneurs Stillwater 200K

Tandem partner Felkerino, friend Lane G., and I packed up our bikes and our randonneur passports this past Friday and headed to Pennsylvania for their November 200K brevet. The ride up was a solid five hours, but the trip was worth it.

Tom Rosenbauer, the RBA, put together an awesome 200K course, full of beautiful river views, scenic climbing, and fantastic controles. Continue reading “Pennsylvania Randonneurs Stillwater 200K”

Our Co-Motion Tandem

Felkerino and I ride tandem together a fair amount, with our longest tandem ride being a 1200 kilometer grand randonnee. I only share that with you in an effort to brag socially unacceptably establish my tandem credentials. Continue reading “Our Co-Motion Tandem”

Have you met my flickr friend, Pedro Gringo?

I have somewhat of an addiction to flickr.

  • Memorializing your bike ride? flickr.
  • Finding out what cycling is like in other places? flickr.
  • Checking out new bikes? flickr.
  • Meeting new randonneur paparazzi? flickr
  • Panda photos? flickr.

The site is a visual treasure trove.

As my interest in bike by shooting has grown, I’ve connected to many other cyclists through flickr. One of my Washington, D.C., favorites is Pedro Gringo. Continue reading “Have you met my flickr friend, Pedro Gringo?”