Group pre-ride to Chartres-PBP 2011

TDR Rando Photo Contest – Randonneur Lifestyle, January 2
TDR Rando Photo Contest – Obligatory Cow Photo/Nature Shot, January 4
TDR Rando Photo Contest – Spirit of Randonneuring, January 5
TDR Rando Photo Contest – Wild Card, January 6
Capital Bikeshare Makes Life Better, January 12
Cyclist Stan Miller and Community Impact Statements, January 15
Inclement Winter Days and Capital Bikeshare, January 26
DAR Constitution Hall, Robert Plant, and Capital Bikeshare, February 2
Building up the Velo Orange Mixte, February 3
Capital Bikeshare’s Christiania Bike, February 4
Raceyatarocco’s Populaire, February 6
Cupcake Commuting, February 8
Velocity Bicycle Coop: Schwinn Paramount or Rivendell custom, anyone? February 10
A Bike Ride and a Trail Angel on the Capital Crescent, February 12
Bicycle Art on the Sunday Ride, February 13
What to like about the RUSA P-12, February 16
Commuting in the City: Bikes, Horses, and Tour Buses, February 16
Weekend Riding and Randonneur Hijinks, February 22
Capital Bikeshare Checklist, February 23
Cupcake Commuting: for Science! February 24
Cupcake Commuting: Furin’s Cupcakes, February 28
South Mountain X3 Populaire – 84 miles, March 2
It’s that time of year again, March 14
Spring Blossoms and Capital Bikeshare Tourists, March 17
Darts and Fleches and Things, March 21
Birthday Cake Commuting: The Felkerino Way, March 22
Cycling Memories: RAGBRAI, March 24
Cherry Blossom Alert!, March 25
D.C. Randonneurs Urbana 200K Brevet, March 27
The 15th Street Bike Lane: Pros and Cons, March 29
Cherry Blossoms. They’re still out there! March 31
Cake Commuting: the Gersemalina Way, April 4
Bikes to Like: Titanium One-Off, April 5
D.C. Randonneurs 300K Brevet: The Contrary Mother, April 11
Bikes to Like: World’s Greatest Randonneur’s Sam Hillborne, April 13
Weekend Rain = No Hains Point, April 18
Bikes to Like: Rootchopper’s Specialized Sequoia, April 19
Reverse Tandem Double Panda Shot, April 21
D.C. Randonneurs Old Rag 200K Brevet, April 24
Bikes to Like: Mike B.’s Surly Long Haul Trucker, April 26
D.C. Commute Scenes, April 28
Bikes to Like: Rick B.’s Merlin Extralight, May 2
Bikes to Like: Bill B.’s Trek Madone SSLx, May 4
D.C. Randonneurs: Frederick, Maryland 300K, May 8
Bikes to Like: Ron and Barb’s Burley Paso Doble Tandem, May 10
Commute Scenes: Tourist Photos Edition, May 12
Requisite D.C. Bicycle Glamour Shots: Big Wheel Bikes Mural, May 16
Bikes to Like: Ritchie’s 1979 Austro-Daimler Vent Noir II, May 18
Bike to Work Day, aka Friday, May 20
D.C. Randonneurs – Frederick, Maryland 400K Brevet, May 22
Bikes to Like: Russ’s Rivendell Custom, May 24
Memorial Day, May 30
1992 Bridgestone MB-4: Free bike = FIGHT! May 31
D.C. Commute Scenes: Capital Bikeshare and True Love, May 31
D.C. Commute Scenes: Yarn Bombing and Bicycles, June 1
A Bike Ride, a Burley trailer, and a new Nishiki mixte frame, June 3
D.C. Randonneurs 600K Brevet, June 7
The C&O Canal and the Great Allegheny Passage Trail, June 12
Bikes to Like: Scott G.’s Gunnar Sport, June 14
Olek’s Yarn Bomb Bike, June 15
Bicycle Tchotchkes: “I heart your bike” Bikemail, June 16
White House Plaza Moment: Welcoming the Touring Cyclists, June 17
Two Day Tour! D.C. to Martinsburg, WV and back, June 20
Bikes to Like: Mark B.’s Velo Orange Randonneur, June 21
Ride for your Life: Grocery Shopping, June 23
Tandem notes: “She’s not pedaling!” Seriously?! June 24
D.C. Randonneur Randy Mouri Completes Race Across AMerica, June 26
Quickbeam Single Speeding and its Pleasures, June 28
Bikes to Like: Eric P.’s Titanium Lynskey, June 29
Happy 4th of July! July 4
Summer Commuter Clothing Choices: What’s so Wrong about Shorts and a T-Shirt?? July 5, 2011
Bikes to Like: Mike W.’s Custom Waterford, July 6
reCYCLE Art of Bike Project in Takoma Park: Part I, July 7
reCYCLE Art of Bike Project in Takoma Park: Part II, July 8
The Urban Forest Project D.C. July 11
Bikes to Like: George M.’s Boulder Bicycle, July 13
Sheer Shorts Syndrome = Sheer Embarrassment, July 18
D.C. Commute Smells: the Fish Market, July 20
Hot in the City! Commute Wrap-Up, July 21
Paris-Brest-Paris Training, July 25
Bikes to Like: Alec B.’s Velo Orange Randonneur, July 26
A Perfect Storm: Recreators, Tourists, and Cyclists on the National Mall, July 28
Friday Shout-Outs, July 28
Randonneur Recruiting: the National Parks Passport Book, August 1
My Reward for PBP Training: Little Package Cycling Caps, August 2
Bikes to Like: Lowell and Cheri’s Santana Sovereign, August 3
Randonneur Q&A on The Daily Randonneur, August 5
Big Bicycling, a Farm, and a PBP Party, August 7
Bikes to Like: Gary D.’s Independent Fabrication, August 10
D.C. Commuting: The Motorcade, August 11
Five Things Friday, August 12
Arriving in France for PBP, August 16
PBP Shakedown ride… To Rambouillet! August 17
Randonneur Group Ride… to Chartres, August 18
PBP bike inspection: Day 1, August 20
PBP Bike Inspection: Day 2! August 21
PBP… the Riders are Off!!! August 21
It’s official. Finished PBP, August 26
My PBP 2011 Photos, August 31
Saying Good-Bye to Thai, September 2
Velo Orange Mixte and a Meetup with the Severna Park Peloton, September 6
PBP 2011 Ride Reports from Other Blogs, September 7
Requisite D.C. Bicycle Glamour Shots: The John Ericsson National Memorial, September 12
How I Learned to Love Spandex, September 15
Coffeeneuring Challenge: 7 coffee shops in 6 weekends, September 19
Post-PBP Funk and New Challenges, September 20
WABA 50 States Ride, 2011 Edition! September 25
Coffeeneuring Challenge Ride: Swings Coffee. Alas, a DNQ, September 27
Why I Commute By Bike and a New Bike Light, September 30
Weekends are for Coffeeneurs, October 3
Coffeeneuring: It’s both the journey and the destination, October 4
Coffeeneuring Challenge Ride: Peregrine in Eastern Market, October 5
Coffeeneuring Rules Update! Columbus Day Weekend, October 6
The Army Ten Miler, October 9
Coffeeneuring: the Challenge Rolls On, October 10
#CyclingCapTuesday, October 11
Rando Q&A with Rob Hawks on The Daily Randonneur, October 12
Randonneuring, Twitter, and #PBP2011, October 13
#Coffeeneuring: You’re either in, or you’re out, October 19
Five Things Friday: Do Not Walk in Bike Lane Edition, October 21
#Coffeeneuring: One weekend remains! October 24
Why Men Ride Bikes: Razors and Bags, October 26
My PBP 2011 Story: You Have to Go to Know, October 27
Go Coffeeneurs, Go! October 29
Some Coffeeneuring and a Populaire, October 31
#CyclingCapTuesday Recap, November 1
D.C. Commute Scenes: Fall, Yarn Bombing, and the D.C. War Memorial, November 2
Congratulations, Coffeeneurs! November 3
#Coffeeneuring Rewind: @whatsupwheaton, Trips 1-4, November 8
#Coffeeneuring Rewind: @whatsupwheaton, Trips 5-7, November 9
#Coffeeneuring Rewind: @nikki_d and @dirteng, November 10
Week in Review, November 11
Weekend Roundup: Two Shorties, a 200K Brevet, and the D.C. Tweed Ride, November 14
Coffeeneuring Rewind Part 1: Ted in Alaska, November 16
Coffeeneuring Rewind Part 2: Ted in Alaska, November 17
Friday Link Love: from Randonneuring to the Commute, November 18
Bikes to Like: Kevin T.’s Rivendell Atlantis, November 21
The Road Less Travelled 130K Populaire on the Rawland dSogn, November 23
Carradice Cheesecake, Weekend Cycling, and Mechanicals, November 28
The D.C. Driver that Stalked Me on my Bike Commute, November 30
Bicycle Wayback Machine: Thoughts from a New Randonnneur and Long-Distance Cyclist, December 1
Friday Link Love: A Potpourri, December 2
The Randonneurs who Coffeeneur, December 7
Bicycle Wayback Machine: My Second Year of Randonneuring, December 8
Friday Links from Here and There, December 9
Weekend Bike Rides: Coffeeneuring, Cupcake Commuting, and a Noodle, December 11
Ahhh… Beautiful December Commutes, December 13
The 12 Days of Randonneurmas, December 15
Friday Link Love, December 15
Century Ride, Burley Trailer, and Santa Hats, December 20
Famous D.C. Bike Blogger Rendezvous (Tales from the Sharrows)! December 20
Happy Randonneurmas Link Love, December 23
2011 in Review: All Bike Rides Lead to Paris Brest Paris, December 28
2011 in Review: The Rides and Photos, December 29
More 2011 in Review: The Rides and the Photos, December 29

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