Inclement Winter Days and Capital Bikeshare

When I looked out the window this morning, it didn’t look like a good day for bike commuting. Cloudy sky. Slush and snow on the sidewalks. I resigned myself to taking the Metro.

A gloomy morning in the city

En route to my station, however, I noticed that the roads were wet but clear, the rain/sleet/snow was not falling too furiously, and the temperature was mild. What did it all mean? Bikeshare! Continue reading “Inclement Winter Days and Capital Bikeshare”

Cyclist Stan Miller and Community Impact Statements

Yesterday was the sentencing for the person who killed our friend and fellow cyclist, Stan Miller. Prior to the sentencing, individuals were invited to submit Community Impact Statements that would then be read and considered by the judge in Stan’s case. The purpose of these statements is to show the implications of a person’s death on the community.

Prior to Stan’s death, I was unfamiliar with community impact statements. I had never felt cause to write one, and doing so was more difficult than I anticipated. Revisiting Stan’s death, in addition to thinking about how it has affected me and our community, was painful. I also wondered about the importance of writing my statement. Does anyone read these? What does my statement matter? Continue reading “Cyclist Stan Miller and Community Impact Statements”

Capital Bikeshare Makes Life Better

Winter CaBi Bikeshare Panda

In my efforts to avoid Metro and breathe in the fresh Washington, D.C., air as much as possible, I’ve started riding Capital Bikeshare more frequently. Bikeshare is awesome! I just run over to the station nearest me, plug in my key to get a bike, yank the bike out as hard as I can, and off I go. All rides 30 minutes or less are included in my $75 annual membership. Continue reading “Capital Bikeshare Makes Life Better”

TDR Rando Photo Contest – Wild Card

The fourth and final category of the 2nd Annual TDR Rando Photo Contest is the Wild Card. This category allows photos from Populaires and Permanents, and is the catch-all category for those brevet photos that do not seem to fit in Randonneur Lifestyle, Obligatory Cow Photo/Nature Shot, or Spirit of Randonneuring.

I had a couple of photos that fit perfectly as Wild Cards. Continue reading “TDR Rando Photo Contest – Wild Card”

TDR Rando Photo Contest – Spirit of Randonneuring

Since I began riding brevets, I have often heard the phrase “Spirit of Randonneuring.” Blah blah blah represents the Spirit of Randonneuring. Doop be doop does not. Randonneuring means different things to different people, and the selection of photos below represents the images from this past year that fall into my own definition of the Spirit of Randonneuring. Continue reading “TDR Rando Photo Contest – Spirit of Randonneuring”

TDR Rando Photo Contest – Obligatory Cow Photo/Nature Shot

With the recent announcement of the 2nd Annual TDR Rando Photo Contest, I’ve been itching to show some of my favorite 2010 brevet moments captured on film.  You saw my Randonneur Lifestyle favorites, and today I’m displaying the Obligatory Cow Photo/Nature Shots that I thought worthy of sharing. Continue reading “TDR Rando Photo Contest – Obligatory Cow Photo/Nature Shot”

TDR Rando Photo Contest – Randonneur Lifestyle

Happy New Year, all! Last week, Felkerino and I launched the 2nd Annual TDR Rando Photo Contest. This is a way for us to highlight all the awesome rides and and the people who rode them over the past year. The fabulous Gregg Bleakney is judging the Rando Photo Contest, and Felkerino and I are not eligible to participate. That would be a conflict of interest!

Nevertheless, I took a trip down memory lane of all the great rides from the past year. What would I submit if I could? Since I’m ineligible, I decided to post a few photos here from my own rando photo collection that highlight my personal favorites for each category.

First up, Randonneur Lifestyle.  This category features the high-brow lifestyle of randonneurs. Continue reading “TDR Rando Photo Contest – Randonneur Lifestyle”