Cherry Blossoms. They’re still out there!

It’s been a cold week here in the District, with some rain thrown in.

A gray day at the Tidal Basin with the Surly LHT

Do not let that deter you, my friends! While the blossoms may pop more against a clear blue sky, the cold and gray days help make the traffic around the Tidal Basin a thousand times more peaceful. Also, according to the National Cherry Blossom Fesival’s Bloom Watch, the cold weather apparently extends the blooming time for the blossoms. Good news for us!! Continue reading “Cherry Blossoms. They’re still out there!”

The 15th Street Bike Lane: Pros and Cons

CaBi in the 15th Street Bike Lane

Did you know that the Washington City Paper recently named the 15th Street Bike Lane (or “cycletrack,” as the City Paper said), the “Best Bike Lane of 2011?” I did not even knew this was a “Best of” category.

For those who may not have ridden it yet, the 15th Street Bike Lane is a two-lane bikeway that begins (from south to north) at Pennsylvania Avenue and 15th (of course!), takes the rider up to New York Avenue, through the White House Plaza, reconnects with 15th Street, and then continues north to Euclid Avenue.

Having ridden the 15th Street Bike Lane since it first came to be in December 2010, I have appreciated its existence, but note that it works better for me in some parts than others. Continue reading “The 15th Street Bike Lane: Pros and Cons”

D.C. Randonneurs Urbana 200K Brevet

I had a great time this Saturday, making my way 128 miles from Urbana, Maryland, around the Catoctins and South Mountain on the D.C. Randonneurs Urbana 200K (full route description here). Felkerino and I had not ridden a brevet since November so it was fun to carry a card around on an official event with 67 other people.

I know Felkerino will be doing a summary of this brevet so I’ll leave most of that to him over at The Daily Randonneur. I’ll simply say that: Continue reading “D.C. Randonneurs Urbana 200K Brevet”

Cherry Blossom Alert!

Cherry blossoms on Hains Point

What are you doing the next few days? If you are going bicycling in Washington, D.C., you MUST go to Hains Point and check out the cherry blossoms. I shouldn’t even tell you this because I like keeping the population on Hains Point a level below utter chaos, but the perky pink blossoms look so beautiful that I have to encourage you all to go ride among them. You will love it. Continue reading “Cherry Blossom Alert!”

Cycling Memories: RAGBRAI

This week, Girl on a Bike invited people to post their favorite cycling memory to her blog. Prize for posting? A chance to win a $50 gift certificate to Revolution Cycles. (See here for her writeup and contest).

Her post prompted me to dig into my bicycle memory bank. As I thought back, my first time riding RAGBRAI (Register’s Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa) entered my head. Thanks, Girl on a Bike, for the opportunity to reminisce!

Bike Friday at RAGBRAI

One of my many favorite cycling memories is of my first time riding across my home state via RAGBRAI. Continue reading “Cycling Memories: RAGBRAI”

Birthday Cake Commuting: The Felkerino Way

Before I launch into the sweet topic of my post, I’d like to welcome another researcher to the cupcake commuting circle. Girl on a Bike has sucessfully completed her first cupcake experiment. She used cakelove cupcakes. I love how she describes cupcakes as “a frosting transportation device.” She has a point. Read about her experiment here.

And now a return to the topic at hand, birthday cake commuting. This past week I celebrated my birthday. Another year older, another year ____________ (insert clever word here). Because it was my birthday, Felkerino was in charge of tracking down a cake. You just can’t have a birthday without cake, and I don’t believe in cupcakes for birthdays.

Felkerino ordered a vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream frosting from Furin’s of Georgetown and used his bicycle and pannier to pick it up. Continue reading “Birthday Cake Commuting: The Felkerino Way”

Darts and Fleches and Things

This weekend was largely spent on the bike, as Felkerino and I embarked on a couple of back-to-back rides that took us far away from our housework.

Saturday, we checked out part of our fleche route, pedaling from D.C. out and about to: Brunswick, Md.; Harpers Ferry and Shepherdstown, WV; Waynesboro, Guilford, and finally Gettysburg, Pa. We intended to ride 156 miles or so, but by the end of the day I was yearning for shortcuts, and thankfully we ended our day at 146 miles. Continue reading “Darts and Fleches and Things”

Spring Blossoms and Capital Bikeshare Tourists

Spring again. Another year of roadies on Hains Point, tour buses, high school classes on the National Mall, and wait!

What’s that? Something’s different this year. Continue reading “Spring Blossoms and Capital Bikeshare Tourists”

It’s that time of year again

Today, on my commute home (in GLORIOUS daylight), I spied this treasure.

Spring Blossoms

That’s right, people. The trees in Washington, D.C, are showing signs of spring. Continue reading “It’s that time of year again”

South Mountain X3 Populaire – 84 miles

This past weekend, Felkerino and I ventured out with friends to ride the South Mountain X3 Populaire, which was designed by Crista Borras.  South Mountain X3 is an 84-mile ride that starts in Thurmont, Maryland, and takes you three different ways over – you’ll never guess- South Mountain.

If you’re looking for a ride that is less than a century, offers beautiful climbs, and features diverse terrain, the South Mountain X3 populaire is the ride for you. Continue reading “South Mountain X3 Populaire – 84 miles”