Why I Commute By Bike and a New Bike Light

Today I won an Urban 180 commuter light from Light and Motion for an essay I wrote about “Why I Commute By Bike.” That made for a good Friday treat! Read what I wrote below. Continue reading “Why I Commute By Bike and a New Bike Light”

Coffeeneuring Challenge Ride: Swings Coffee. Alas, a DNQ

In the next few weeks, I’ll be featuring some of the coffeeneuring destinations that Felkerino and I have been checking out, focusing mostly on my coffee experience.

I’m up to riding almost anywhere for coffee, but I do like knowing that the payoff was worth the journey. That’s another reason I look forward to hearing from all of you so I can learn about new places to patronize, whether they’re here in Washington, D.C., or some other place I might find myself someday. Continue reading “Coffeeneuring Challenge Ride: Swings Coffee. Alas, a DNQ”

WABA 50 States Ride, 2011 Edition!

This past weekend the Washington Area Bicycling Association (WABA) hosted its annual 50 States Ride. This urban cycling event meanders through all four quadrants of Washington, D.C., and passes over all 50 state streets.

It’s the only ride I’ve ever done that’s 65 miles and takes 193 cues to complete. That’s 10 pages of cues. And this year’s cue sheet is 19 fewer cues that last year’s! I admire the person who put that opus together. Continue reading “WABA 50 States Ride, 2011 Edition!”

Post-PBP Funk and New Challenges

Felkerino and I spent the past year gearing up for Paris Brest Paris, and the ride was definitely one of the great highlights of my summer. Since PBP, Felkerino and I haven’t been doing much riding.

We unpacked, put the bike back together, and tried to catch up on sleep and stuff at the office. Continue reading “Post-PBP Funk and New Challenges”

Coffeeneuring Challenge: 7 coffee shops in 6 weekends

If you read The Daily Randonneur, you may recall my interview last month with Joe Platzner. At the end of it, he noted: A bunch of us have trained pretty hard for PBP. After PBP, I’m probably going to lobby RUSA for an official “Coffee Shop Run” medal. To earn it, you need to ride your bike slowly to a nearby coffee shop and enjoy … Continue reading Coffeeneuring Challenge: 7 coffee shops in 6 weekends

How I Learned to Love Spandex

Today I’m featuring a guest post by Severna Park Peloton cyclist and fellow D.C. Randonneur, Dan Oldale, who writes about the evolution of his affinity for spandex. I thought it made a perfect Friday post, as it sends us all happily into the weekend ready to ride our bikes. Thanks, Dan, for being part of the blog and sharing your spandex story!

There was a time when I would not have even considered wearing spandex in public. Oh sure, maybe in those crazy days in college, away from home for the first time, in a new city where no one knew me, trying to impress a girl who was in to the English Beat, new wave music, or the punk rock scene. But that was the Eighties, after all.

I now wear spandex two to three hours almost every day. Continue reading “How I Learned to Love Spandex”

Requisite D.C. Bicycle Glamour Shots: The John Ericsson National Memorial

I’ve enjoyed commuting in Washington, D.C., because it has helped me learn new things about my country without really trying. Now that I have my National Parks Passport, I’m even more incentivized to learn about the historical landmarks and memorials around town. For example, my ride takes me by this beautiful memorial almost every day. Continue reading “Requisite D.C. Bicycle Glamour Shots: The John Ericsson National Memorial”

PBP 2011 Ride Reports from Other Blogs

Hi, everyone. What have you been up to? I’ve been living the post-PBP dream, which mostly entails going to my job, dreaming about randonneuring, and recalling fun times at PBP.

Felkerino has begun to post some good PBP accounts over on The Daily Randonneur to help keep the PBP memories alive. I’ve also been doing some internet sleuthing of my own, seeking out other people’s PBP 2011 experiences, and came across a few standouts to share. Continue reading “PBP 2011 Ride Reports from Other Blogs”

Velo Orange Mixte and a Meetup with the Severna Park Peloton

This weekend Felkerino and I went for our first bike ride of any significance since PBP; it was a grand total of 15 miles. Hey, not every ride can be epic, ok? Our legs felt good, yet we enjoyed taking it easy and tooling around.

Since holiday weekends also set up well for project bikes, Felkerino put in some time laboring on my Velo Orange  mixte and lo’, it looks fantastic! See for yourself! Continue reading “Velo Orange Mixte and a Meetup with the Severna Park Peloton”

Saying Good-Bye to Thai

We lost one of our D.C. Randonneurs’ members last week. Thai Pham, a fellow randonneur, died while riding in last week’s Paris Brest Paris. Continue reading “Saying Good-Bye to Thai”