Bike touring in Southern Virginia
Bike touring in Southern Virginia
We Interrupt this Commute for a Spin Class, January 4
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Rides for All Seasons, January 9
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Paris-Brest-Paris by Tandem, January 23
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Utilitaire 12 Q&A, January 31
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Bikes to Like: Dan’s 1987 Trek 330 Elance, February 7
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Utilitaire Rules Update: Pedestrian Allowance, February 13
Utilitaire Curiosities: How We Carry What We Do, February 14
Bikes To Like: Pedro Gringo’s Surly Troll, February 15
Link Love: To Be Inspired Edition, February 16
Utilitaire 12, Week 3 Roundup: Wheels Keep Turning, February 20
Weekend Training Ride: 112 Miles of Dogs, Hills, Sun, and Dogs, February 21
Utilitaire Curiosities: How We Light Up the Night, February 22
Guest Blog Post by Me, February 23
Link Love: Another Day in Paradise Edition, February 24
Utilitaire 12 Roundup, Week 4, February 27
Randonneur Q&A for Beginners, February 28
Space Issues and Ugly Ducklings, February 29
Bikes to Like: Lauren K.’s Dahon Speed D7, March 1
Link Love: No Time to Waste Edition, March 2
Bike Riding and My Stuff: Clothing Edition, March 12
Utilitaire Roundup: the Final Week! March 13
Bikes to Like: John R.’s Surly Long Haul Trucker, March 14
Utilitaire 12: Final Day! March 16
Link Love Monday: Spring has Sprung Edition, March 19
Run Like You Stole a Pot of Gold: the D.C. Rock and Roll Marathon, March 20
When All’s Right with the World, March 21
Cherry Blossom Photos Friday, March 23
In for a Penny, In for a Pound. Of Fleche, That Is. March 26
A Utilitaire Prevented me from Posting the Utilitaire 12 Winners, March 28
Utilitaire 12: Winners Announced! Finally! March 30
D.C. Randonneurs Urbana 200K: Feels like the First Time, April 2
Randonneur Rewind: Another Take on my First Year of Randonneuring, April 4
400K Route Scouting in Pennsylvania, April 9
Brevet Season: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year? April 12
Urban Commuting: the Invisible Cyclist, April 26
D.C. Randonneurs Warrenton, VA 300K: In Each Life, Some Rain Must Fall, April 29
#30daysofbiking Roundup, April 30
Ride Photos: Capturing the Moment, May 6
Readying the Springtime Gear: Keen Commuter Cycling Sandals, May 10
Spring Training Rides, Leaving the Pavement Behind, May 14
Rainy Day Riding Essentials: Gore Tex Path Paclite Jacket, May 16
That Sign on Ohio Drive. BIG SIGH, May 17
Bike to Work Day and #FridayCoffeeClub, May 21
#BikeDC and the D.C. Cycling Bloggers, May 23
Special Ride Clothing: Ibex Cycling Jerseys, May 29
D.C. Randonneurs 400K, May 31
Ride Organizing: Why We Care About Tweets and Facebook Updates, June 5
Randonneuring: When it’s Worth the Effort, June 12
The Evolution of a Transportation and Recreational Cyclist, June 18
Tandem Cycling 411: Is She Really Not Pedaling? June 24
It’s Life Changing: Marc M. on #BikeDC Speaks, June 27
The Perfect Commuter Bike: my Surly Long Haul Trucker, June 28
Pre-Ride Jitters: High Country 1200K, July 1
#BikeDC Speaks to Lisa S.: Growing Up as a Cyclist, July 3
Bikes to Like: Steve H.’s Rivendell, A. Homer Hilsen, July 5
Cupcake Commuting: (Hot as) Hello Cupcake Edition, July 6
And We’re Off: High Country 1200K, July 9
And We Made It: High Country 1200k, July 13
Colorado High Country 1200K Photos, July 16
Don’t Overthink It: #BikeDC Speaks to Joan O. July 18
Memories of Donald Boothby and the Cascade 1200K, July 20
Freedom!: Ultrarunnergirl on #BikeDC Speaks, July 24
Cupcake Ramblin’ with Sol and BicycleSPACE, July 26
Friday Link Love: Long Ride Edition, July 27
On Bicycling and Other Pursuits: How Much is Enough? July 29
Making Yourself Part of the City: Laura M. on #BikeDC Speaks, July 31
Time for a Road ID, August 2
Cycling-Specific Commentary: Ride Safe! August 3
Reviving the Lead Sled: our Cannondale Tandem, August 5
The Appeal of the Run Commute, August 8
Getting Better All the Time: Leslie T. on #BikeDC Speaks, August 9
I Get By with a Little Help from My Gym Friends, August 9
Summer Commutes on the Velo Orange Mixte, August 13
Bikes to Like: Rick R.’s Trek Elance 300 (650B Conversion!) August 15
BicycleSPACE and the D.C. Murals Ride, August 19
Using Shared Infrastructure Sharingly: Chris on #BikeDC Speaks, August 21
Bikes to Like: Felkerino’s Cannondale T700 Tourer, August 22
My 2012 Colorado High Country 1200K Story, August 24
Bike Touring Southern Virginia on the Lead Sled, August 27
Into the Teeth of the Virginia Highlands, August 28
Bike Touring from Blacksburg to Wytheville, Virginia, August 29
What I Learned Bike Touring from Wytheville to Floyd, Virginia, August 30
Pedaling the Blue Ridge Parkway: The Dream I Thought I Had, September 5
The National Bike Challenge and Teams Friday Coffee Club, September 6
Southern Virginia Tandem Bike Tour Lessons Learned and Wrap-Up Post, September 9
Rando Q&A with Andrea M., D.C. Randonneurs, September 12
The Bicycle Cycle, September 13
Riding the C&O Canal on the Rawlands, September 16
WABA 50 States Ride: Pre-Ride Prep for the Ultimate Urban Excursion, September 18
Lost in the Landscape. One Perspective of a Female Touring Cyclist, September 19
Getting Comfortable in the Saddle, September 20
WABA 50 States Ride 2012: All About the People, September 23
Rando Q&A with Dan D., Great Lakes and Minnesota Randonneurs, September 25
Tangobiker: A Tale of a Super Coffeeneur, September 26
Grant Petersen’s Just Ride, the Rivendell Reader & an E-Less Stanza of “The Raven” September 28
2nd Annual Coffeeneuring Challenge: 7 Cups, 6 Weekends, October 1
Benefits of Tracking the Miles, October 2
Bicycles are Not Cars: Girl on a Bike on #BikeDC Speaks, October 3
Look Mom! Re-Learning to Ride No-Handed, October 4
BikeWrappers: Review and Giveaway, October 8
Coffeeneuring Week 1 Roundup: Let’s Get it Started, October 9
You Wear a Helmet, Don’t You?, October 10
#Coffeeneuring Tweeps: the Unofficial Preliminary and Most Probably Incomplete List, October 11
Baseball Will Break Your Heart, but Coffeeneuring Won’t, October 15
What Makes Coffeeneuring Special, via the Coffeeneur Blogosphere, October 16
Bike Commute Guide Part 1: The Essentials, October 17
Get On the Sidewalk! October 18
Mandatory Fall Foliage Dirt Road Ride, October 21
Commute Trade-Offs: Safety, October 23
Bikes + Coffee = True Love = Coffeeneuring: Blog Roundup, October 24
Running Away from Sandy: 2012 Marine Corps Marathon, October 29
My Washington D.C. Neighborhood, Post-Sandy, October 30
Happy Halloween from @ZombiesDC, October 31
Coffeeneuring Rewind from S.R. in Pittsburgh, PA: Murals and Tea, November 2
The Grand Fondue: A Superbly Challenging Bike Ride, November 5
I Voted… In My Socks, November 6
Coffeeneuring: The Final Countdown! November 8
D.C. Randonneurs Flatbread 200K Brevet Roundup, November 12
The Magic Coffeeneuring Map and Submission Housekeeping, November 14
I was Going to Complete the Coffeeneuring Challenge, but… Honorable Mention Category! November 17
Back to Pittsburgh: Coffeeneuring in Plonk Season with Hyla, November 18
Patti’s Coffeeneuring Rewind: Delaware Coffeeneuring with a Side of Trail Running, November 20
Giving Thanks for Good Stories, November 22
Coffeeneuring Rewind in Maine: Gary and Sara’s Excellent, if Limited, Coffeeneuring Adventures, November 26
A Weekend Adventure for a Commuting Cyclist in Vienna, VA: Coffeeneuring Rewind with Liz, November 28
Seattle Coffeeneuring with Coffeeneur Conceptualizer and Randonneur Joe Platzner, November 29
Coffeeneuring Rewind with Julie and Steve in Maryland, December 2
Charlie T.’s Coffeeneuring Rewind (Bikeshare-centric!) in Minnesota, Virginia, Maryland, and D.C. December 4
Coffeeneuring Challenge: Winners and Honorable Mentions! December 6
The People who Coffeeneur: Participation Rates of Women and Men, December 9
A Coffeeneuring Map Made by a Pro, December 12
A Return to the Single Bike Lifestyle, December 16
Unintended Consequences of Not Setting Goals: A Century a Month, December 19
WABA’s Women & Bikes and the Hains Point 100, December 23
Happy Holidays (and a Book Recommendation)! December 25
2012 in Review: Variety is the Spice of Life, December 27
The Cold & Blustery BikeDC Hot Chocolate Ride (aka, the Chocoride) December 30

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