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Link Love: Getting Reflective Edition

It’s been a great week out there in creative writing cyberspace, and I have some excellent content to share. What are you waiting for? Read on!

Alec rounds the bend on Last Train from Clarksville

  • Reflective Vests. Gypsy by Trade, who currently calls Alaska home, writes about the importance of the reflective vest. He even made his own. Reflective vests– so critical to wear, so hard on my vanity.  Gypsy by Trade put a new spin on it for me, though.
  • Reflections on a High Mileage Year. Mellow Yellow Bent rode over 14,000 miles in 2011 and logged more than 10,000 “official” kilometers through RUSA rides and his completion of Paris-Brest-Paris. Yowza! All amazing accomplishments. Mellow Yellow talks about the fun he had as well as what he missed while pedaling to complete his 2011 goals.
  • The Long Journey of Recovery. The first time I saw the Hudson Valley Randonneur, he was doing final preparations on his bike as we readied to start the Endless Mountains 1000K. The next time I saw him, he was being moved onto a stretcher and into an ambulance after a car rear-ended him and left him with 24 broken bones in his body while his bike lay crunched in the middle of the road. George wrote about his amazing journey of recovery from this horrific accident for the latest issue of American Randonneur, and has now published it on his blog. Thank you, George, for sharing your incredible story. PBP 2015– I’m in!
  • Police Officer, Cyclist, and Plaintiff. Remember when Girl on a Bike was struck from behind by an aggressive driver?  Girl finally had her day in court. You can read all about it, as well as the judge’s sentencing decision, here.
  • Rawland rSogn Eye Candy. Just for the record, I DESPISE the term “bike porn.” EWWWWWW, I hate it so. That said, flickr member bmenutti posted some lovely shots of his Rawland rSogn, some with an Ostrich front bag on the front, and some with an Acorn saddle bag on the rear and a Sackville bag on the front. Like!
  • My Friend’s Randonneur Bike. Rando-buddy Alec talks a bit about his VO Rando bike and the places he’s ridden it. Conclusion? Anywhere and everywhere is a good place to take your bicycle!

Thanks to everybody who took the time to write these fine posts. Now, make sure to turn off your computer and get out for a ride!

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  1. Hi MG, Thanks for the kind words. Reading great blogs like yours was an important part of my recovery. Be safe out there. Bad luck happens sometimes, but I no longer underestimate the importance of defensive cycling and decision making. Have a great 2012!


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