Month: August 2012

Bike Touring Southern Virginia on the Lead Sled

Felkerino and I are off bike touring in  Virginia this week. We began our ride in Waynesboro and are winding our way south to Wytheville. Day 1 we rode to Lexington, a quaint historic town. Yesterday, Day 2, we arrived in Clifton Forge, part of the Alleghany Highlands region. We’ve […]

BicycleSPACE and the D.C. Murals Ride

After all the heat and humidity we’ve endured over the summer, this past weekend we received a welcome reprieve. Especially Saturday. Warm sun, light breezes, pleasant temperatures. Far too gorgeous of a day to stay inside, Felkerino, his daughter, and I joined BicycleSPACE’s mural ride to see where it would […]

Summer Commutes on the Velo Orange Mixte

I tend to have an overall preference for diamond frames, and never considered myself a mixte sort of person. However, a couple of years ago Velo Orange was selling off a batch of their mixte frames at the attractive price of $300 so I mixed up the bike stable by […]

I Get By with a Little Help from My Gym Friends

When I first started going to the gym, I did so because I wanted to strengthen myself for cycling. Then I wanted to strength train because I completely freaked out about getting older and realized the importance of weight-bearing activity. Later I continued my gym visits because I enjoyed the […]

The Appeal of the Run Commute

Because I have a fall running event coming up, I’ve inserted a couple of run commutes into my weekly commute diet. While cycling is my primary mode of commuting, mixing it up with run commuting has proven quite pleasant. Not surprisingly, my running route to and from the office varies […]

Reviving the Lead Sled: our Cannondale Tandem

Due to unforeseen circumstances (to be discussed in another post), our Co-Motion tandem will not be around for a while. In the meantime, Felkerino and I still want to tandem together so we decided to put our original brevet tandem, a Cannondale mountain frame, back into service for some summer rides and any […]

Cycling-Specific Commentary: Ride Safe!

If you regularly ride a bike, you know that people will say some weird stuff to you. Stuff they wouldn’t say if you were, say, walking. Or, let’s say, in a car. This week, the phrase I kept hearing whenever I left my office with my bike in tow was […]