Month: September 2012

Tangobiker: A Tale of a Super Coffeeneur

Last year around this time, I launched the 1st Annual Coffeeneuring Challenge. The goal? Ride your bike to seven different coffee shops over six consecutive weekends, and adhere to 15 rules in the process. Several riders began the challenge, and 12 people officially earned the title of coffeeneur. After the […]

WABA 50 States Ride 2012: All About the People

This past Saturday Felkerino and I participated in another edition of the Washington Area Bicycling Association (WABA) 50 States Ride. Yeah, that ride with 500 participants that crosses over all 50 of the state streets within the District of Columbia and covers about 65 miles in the process. True to […]

Getting Comfortable in the Saddle

One of my blog readers, Trish, recently asked the following question about comfort in the saddle: I searched your blog to see if I could find your thoughts on comfort in the saddle, which is my biggest obstacle to long rides. I’ve been doing metric centuries every weekend, but beyond […]

Lost in the Landscape. One Perspective of a Female Touring Cyclist

Over the summer Swift Industries, a bicycle-loving and beautiful bag-making company out of the Pacific Northwest, sponsored a writing project called Tough & Tender, “a literary and photographic project that celebrates women’s relationships with bicycles, touring, and the bike industry.” The project received several contributions and I’ve found them all inspiring. Many thanks […]