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My Washington D.C. Neighborhood, Post-Sandy

It’s been a dramatic couple of days here. High winds, rain, and perpetual monitoring of the Weather Channel with one eye while looking apprehensively out the window with the other as tropical storm Sandy pelted our region.

Umbrellas were no match for this storm

Fortunately, the area where I reside did not lose power and damage to our immediate area does not appear to be too bad.

Looking toward Hains Point with Jefferson Memorial in the distance. High water in the Washington Channel.

The District did a good job preparing for the storm by basically shutting the city down and advising residents not to venture out until it passed.

Fallen leaves fill the sidewalk.

That said, the storm definitely left its mark. I went out today for a short stroll through the neighborhood. Here is some of what I observed during my outing.

Fallen tree on a parked car.

Stoplight. Crooked, but still functioning.

Two big trees in front of this church uprooted during the storm. Fortunately, the church is ok.

I also made a quick stop by the grocery store.

Minimal bread supply at the Safeway.

The grocery store completely sold out of bottled water. Fortunately, the beer and wine supply was holding strong.

In case you wondered, I did not buy any water or bread.

Bike lane, leaf parking

I hope you made it through the storm unscathed.


  1. Glad you came through safely!

    After all, who would tabulate the coffeeneuring results if storm-related mishap were to arise? 😉

    Seriously, glad you are safe! I try not to ride when it is stormy, otherwise my better half calls me things like “idiot,” “doofus” and other assorted kind words…


    • Right?! We don’t want Sandy interfering with the challenge! I’m with you. If it’s serious weather out, I’m not taking chances. ESPECIALLY wind. It’s a freaky feeling when you think the wind is going to blow you and your bike clean over.


      • Speaking of being blown over by wind, during the 2006 Seagull Century, the wind was so bad that police were stationed on the Verrazano bridge over to Assateague to watch for any bikers being blown into the water………..


  2. Overheard at the grocery store Saturday night in Boston:
    “Let’s get some chips too. Emergency Chips”

    Glad everything is mostly OK there. I’m afraid life has gotten in the way of my coffeeneuring, but maybe next year.


    • Sorry to hear you won’t complete the Coffeeneuring Challenge. I always enjoy your posts about your outings.

      And regarding the grocery store, I confess that I purchased two pints of Emergency Ice Cream.


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