The Magic Errandonnee Map and Other Important Errandonnee News

Surly and Pecan Pie

Today we’re back with Errandonnee news. Here is the exciting rundown:

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Dialing in our New Co-Motion Java Tandem

Earlier this year, Felkerino’s and my new tandem arrived from Co-Motion. Some of you may remember that  a crack developed in the stoker seat tube of our previous tandem, a Co-Motion Speedster, which required either a mend or a replacement frame.

We ultimately chose to replace the frame and, rather than another Co-Motion Speedster tandem, Felkerino and I decided on a Co-Motion Java, which is their 29-er frame.

Co-Motion Java on Whites Ferry

Co-Motion worked out an arrangement with us for the new bike which was primarily financed by the sale of my 1996 Nissan Altima.

That’s right. I sold my car to buy a tandem. Righteous bicycle purchasing!

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One Final Errandonnee Tweetstorm

Because I loved them so. As always, thank you errandeur tweeps.

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Errandonnee Bloggin’ from the Errandeurs

A ride to dinner with friends
A ride to dinner with friends

I have been so inspired by all of the riding, errandeuring, blogging, and tweeting going on this past almost-fortnight (I like to refer to things like a major tennis tournament).

While I have not been writing as much these days, I have been immersed in perusing as much Errandonnee activity as I can. Today’s post features another blog roundup from the great errandeurs I’ve come to know through this challenge.

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Errandonnee: Give Me the Tweet and Nothing But the Tweet!

Alright then. All photos are courtesy of the errandeur who originally tweeted it. Thanks, tweeps!

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The Errandonnee and Simple Pleasures

When I was little, my sisters and I used to play a game we invented called “Sister.” Our variation of playing house, it entailed us making formal visits to each other’s bedrooms, speaking in what we imagined were elegant tones, and frequently employing the term “sister” as we conversed about the goings-on of our lives.

This game amused and perplexed my mother. “Why do you play the game Sister when you are sisters?” she asked us.

“Yes, we are sisters,” we said. “But Sister is when we are nice to each other.”


I thought about our childhood game this week as I followed the Errandonnee through tweets and blogs and read some of the comments about it.

How does the Errandonnee differ from everyday life? Why do errands have to become a contest?

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Errandonnee Musings: If One Errandeurs, But No One Blogs It…

Did it make a sound? Who can say? Just in case it doesn’t, I know several people who have dedicated time not only to errandeuring, but to writing about their experiences as well.

My favorite errandeur
My favorite errandeur

I am quite impressed with how quickly people are putting together their posts. They’re faster than a speedy roadie on a fenderless carbon frame. Whoosh!

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Errandonnee Updates of the Twitter Kind

A heartfelt thanks to everyone who has embraced and participated in the Errandonnee so far.

The tweets are alive with errands, and they have been so much fun to follow. Here are some of the highlights:

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Your Errandonnee Questions, Answered!

Looks like quite a few people got out this weekend to ride around and get things done! Good job, errandeurs. Errandeur is a French word for people who do errands on their bikes. Kidding! I made it up.

Thanks to all the errandeurs who are tweeting and blogging their trips! (Blog roundup later this week: stay tuned!)

Since the Errandonnee was announced, questions have arisen that were not explicitly covered in the rules. This post includes those questions, and even answers them.

If you have more questions, feel free to tweet them to me (@gypsybug) or write your question as a comment below this or the original Errandonnee post.

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Winter Challenge: The Errandonnee

Winter got you down, craving the warmth of home? Feel down no more and hop on that bike. It’s time for a February challenge designed for the utility cyclist with lots of errands to do, even in wintertime– the Errandonnee!

Utilitairing with the Burley Trailer

If you are a cyclist with places to go and people to see, this challenge is for you!

The tweet version of the challenge is:

Errandonnee: Complete 12 errands in 12 days and ride a total of 30 miles by bike between February 9-20. (103 characters!)

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The Old Bike Shop Recyclery

The past weekend, Felkerino and I made a field trip out to Arlington, Virginia, and peeked our heads into the new bike shop known as The Old Bike Shop.

We stopped by late in the day but Larry, the owner, was more than willing to stay after hours and chat with us about his recyclery.

The Old Bike Shop

The Old Bike Shop had its start at the Arlington County Farmers’ and Flea Market and now is a brick and mortar business. As the term recyclery suggests, the shop does not sell brand new bikes. Rather, it sells previously owned bikes that have been fixed up (depending on their condition) and made road ready.

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