The Errandonnee: It’s Starting

February 9. In some places, the Errandonnee has already started. For us, it’s a mere four hours away. Are you in?

Where will you go?

Surly LHT in the early evening at the Reflecting Pool
Surly LHT. Early evening at the Reflecting Pool

What errands will you do?

Cupcake Commuting, pre-commute
Cupcake Commuting, pre-commute

If you purchase something, how will you transport it safely home?

Carradice cupcake commuting
Carradice cupcake commuting

And what will you do with it once you reach your destination?

Post-commute cupcakes
Post-commute cupcakes. Time to dine

The Errandonnee. It’s going to be a great 12 days.

5 thoughts on “The Errandonnee: It’s Starting

  1. The cupcake shots provoked a very HomerSimsion (Pavlovian) response in me.

    Ahh… cupcakes…

    And some Sir Bevaderian logic as well:

    “If I ride my bike to get the cupcakes, then by the very act of riding my bike to get them, they are therefore completely fat-free and are of course 100% nutritious and not at all bad for me, and I can eat as many of them as I want.”

    Yep, works for me…

    Except that DC is roughly a 2,000 mike bike ride from where I live in San Francisco.



      1. Isn’t that the truth?

        Nice thing about Brevets and double centuries is you can eat anything you want, guilt free!

        What would 2,000 miles be? A double millinery? 😉

        There better be a nice medal for it…

        Well, there would at least be the cupcakes?


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