Coffeeneuring Challenge: Two Days Remain!

Hard to believe that the final weekend of the Coffeeneuring Challenge is upon us!

Submissions have begun arriving at Chasing Mailboxes Headquarters and they are being thoroughly reviewed by staff who have received intensive training in all coffeeneuring rules and prevailing policy interpretations.


As of this writing, 43 coffeeneurs have submitted their paperwork. Thank you, early birds, although you get no extra credit for early submission EXCEPT to see your state appear on the Magic Coffeeneuring Map.


That’s right, everyone, the Magic Coffeeneuring Map is back for another year. This map is a cutting-edge display of all states and places represented in the Coffeeneuring Challenge.

A quick look at the Magic Coffeeneuring Map shows:

-Four coffeeneuring countries;
-13 states AND the District of Columbia; and
-Virginia and Pennsylvania lead the submissions at this time, with 7 coffeeneurs each.


I am also working with a fellow coffeeneur to present another map (not as magic, but still exciting), and you can see that here. Thank you, @NEBicyclist! Please stay tuned as we perfect and update these maps, too.

More updates, guest posts, and roundups coming soon!

Coffeeneur on, friends, and have a great weekend.

10 thoughts on “Coffeeneuring Challenge: Two Days Remain!

  1. You’ve gone digital! Nice work @NEBicyclist!

    Got a coffeeneuing doubleheader coming up this weekend and then Iowa’ll be joining the rest on your magic map.


    1. What do you mean, crayons?! Only colored pencils grace the Magic Coffeeneuring Map!

      P.S. Thanks for doing the digital maps… they are excellent additions to the challenge.


  2. Yes, colored pencils! I have crayons on my desk from my boys which must have confused me but I really meant colored pencils.

    You are welcome. It was fun doing a total digital collaboration – it must have taken less that 10 email exchanges to get the maps to a decent state – but you welcome to change the text if you want. I have a test wordpress site and haven’t figured out how you can do this on your blog yet.


  3. Count Chicago in if I don’t get rained in. I Need one more ride…
    I’m just an amateur, you got some great rides: love the tree houses and the story of the missing bike path that led to close cafe. … Just in case I don’t make it pump up a tire for me. Lol.


  4. Hey! Those of use that don’t get “weekends off”, does that mean we have into next week to complete the challenge? I’m only up to ride 6 with this week’s entry. Hope I have time next week.


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