Life is What Happens While You’re Making Other Plans: Looking Ahead in 2014

Winter's here. Time to plan for summer
Winter’s here. Time to plan for summer.

Recently, Felkerino sat down at our laptops and talked and dreamed about all we wanted to accomplish in 2014.

It’s rather fun to have a partner who likes to engage in the same kinds of activities as you. Weekend rides, brevets, bike tours… we both want to share these experiences.

However, I’ve come to appreciate that these activities don’t just happen. Okay, maybe a weekend century ride does, but other things require planning.

Brevets demand a base level of fitness, and a brevet longer than a 200K requires some fitness buildup. Pre-registration is required for some rides. A 400K warrants a hotel room stay. Bike tours often mean car rides, plane tickets, and requests for time off.

Generally, I like all of it. Working through the various stages (especially the long training rides) that lead up to an event can be as enjoyable as the event itself.

Big dreams for 2014
Big dreams for 2014

As our 2014 calendar took shape, I started to get excited. Winter did not seem so long. I imagined all the lovely days that await us this year.

I thought back to that saying “Life is what happens while you’re making other plans.” I understand what that phrase is trying to communicate, I think. It’s about being flexible and understanding that every detail of one’s life cannot be  anticipated, no matter how much one plans. 

But I remain convinced that a basic framework is a good thing to have, especially when the realization of your dreams requires preparation. And it’s good to have something to look forward to, especially on these cold winter days.

19 thoughts on “Life is What Happens While You’re Making Other Plans: Looking Ahead in 2014

  1. I start planning my year asap in Jan. I get reservations for backpacking sites and yurts, cabins…etc. especially if I’m planning a bike tour. This is the first time I will go into a spring/summer with my new job schedule (3 day weekends). I need to start looking at Amtrak tix. I will be in NC in March to visit my mom so I plan on going to the NAHBS in Charlotte for a day. Are you going? If I get that Bike Friday I plan to bring it and get in some riding if the weather is decent. I think 2014 will be a GREAT yr for biking!!!


    1. I’m with you. More biking in 2014!!! Yes, it’s totally inspiring to plan things! I don’t believe we are going to make it to NAHBS this year. If you go, I cannot wait to get your impressions of it.


  2. Yes to all of this! I’ve been in major planning mode right now, especially when it comes to “vacation time”. I’m taking a week and change off in May to to Minneapolis and then the Lake Pepin 3-Speed Tour, and I’ll probably do a week-long Eastern Oregon tour in September. In between will be some bike overnights and three-day tours. I’m also figuring out all those rides I’ll be leading. Gonna be a full calendar this year…


  3. I plan too. But then my plans always change- haha. But there’s definitely a backbone around which plans revolve. This year it’s Year Round Rando, a rando super series and a 1000km Audax ride in October with a 6 day hiking holiday thrown in in April. Focusing on audax, hiking and hoping to do some bikepacking. So I agree about creating a plan …


      1. It’s here in Queensland Australia. The ride is called the Burnett Backburner. It’s from Brisbane up to the area around Bundaberg (called the Burnett region) and back. It’s the same weekend as the Perth-Albany-Perth 1200 that I think some DC Randonneurs have done (or were they Seattle Randonneurs? ) . Should be an interesting challenge


      2. I know at least one DCR has done Perth-Albany-Perth. Definitely people from Seattle have. All the best with your lead-up to the big ride!


  4. Just be mindful of some sayings we used in Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children:

    “no good plan goes unpunished”
    “plan early, plan twice”


  5. When a new year turns I need to make mental preparations for an upcoming adventure – there must be a plan in motion or else I feel aimless otherwise. 2014 will be a year for a family adventure and sadly does not include cycling, but however will still be great. To satisfy my cycling side, I am scheming of bike overnights that are close to home, something I eagerly anticipate and that do not required much planning. In fact, with a route already picked out I have the advantage of waiting for a window of good weather – something that doesn’t happen on a longer tour.


  6. So, are we going to get any hints about what you might be up to? I’m referencing a certain ride in SE MN 🙂 You’ll be in good company if you do that ride, I found photograpic evidence of a Co-Motion tandem in use last year:!i=2521077183&k=NL8qt7T

    Other than the Almanzo 100 in the spring, there might be some bike camping with the wife and kids later in the year, and I might do a day of RAGBRAI if they route it near me. Honestly, 2014 is a big question mark for me, so we’ll see what happens.


    1. This ride totally intrigues me. If it was not so far from my current home I would be tempted! It looks like one of the tandem teams was FLYING through the course last year, finishing 7th overall. That is awesome!


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