Errandonnee Extension to March 20: Snow Day Bonus Day

Given today’s snowfall in the Washington, D.C., area there will be one additional snow day bonus day to meet the Errandonnee challenge. See? The Errandonnee is just like school.

Even the snowman is mad about winter
Even the snowman is mad about winter

That means all errandonneurs/errandeurs/people who are riding their bikes to complete the Errandonnee have until midnight in their respective Errandonnee time zones on March 20, 2014, to complete all 12 errands. All other rules apply.

Well done to everyone who has already completed the challenge! As of this writing, there were just under 15 official finishers. Please remember to shoot me an email upon your completion of the Errandonnee in order to make sure I receive your submission. 

One last thing– I am considering a slight revamp of the categories for next year so if you have any new Errandonnee categories to suggest please let me know!

19 thoughts on “Errandonnee Extension to March 20: Snow Day Bonus Day

  1. Well, I hardly deserve a snow day but I’ll take it!

    I was going to include with my final submission a suggestion about category re-vamping but as you’ve mentioned it now…

    How about “Personal Business”? There have already been a number of people wondering how to classify things like: going to the bank, the post office, dropping off shoes for re-soling, picking up dry cleaning, etc. These do not, in my book, fall under “Personal CARE” — which I take to mean care of your physical body, e.g. doctor, massage, haircut as per the Control Card.

    What do you think? A lot of errands are “personal business” and it seems a bit restrictive (as well as feeling like some kind of cop-out) to dump them into the “Wild Card” category.


  2. Ooh, we get a snow day even without any snow??

    I have *loads* of ideas for categories but they’d probably not fit anyone else’s life. Maybe something along the lines of arts/entertainment though? Whether you’re performing or just attending…


  3. How about “Non-Store Errand”? I notice that so many categories require (or suggest) some form of commerce, but a category like this — but different from “Personal Business” — could cover things like taking pie to neighbors (yum!), delivering toiletries to a shelter, or things of the sort.

    Though I like the idea of that “Personal Business” category a lot!


  4. How about extending coffee/dessert to cover drinks/happy hour, too? And a class/school/education category (so if you’re not a student, but you bike to a workshop, that would count). Maybe community meeting could also include service/volunteering?


    1. Yes, good idea re expanding coffee/dessert and community meeting. I was thinking about combining school and work together, but maybe separating them is a good idea…


  5. I finished my 12 yesterday, but as of today I have one in every category! Woo, me! Now to write them up…

    I agree there should be some kind of personal business category (although I could have easily filled two more library visits) and a separate one for entertainment. Perhaps you could combine the dinner and lunch/breakfast into one “eating out” category, otherwise you’ll be overflowing with categories.


    1. Congrats! and agree with you about combining the meals together. I plan to keep the number of categories about the same so anticipate that a couple of current ones will be deleted or become part of a broader theme of errands.


  6. I also vote for the Personal business category. Bill paying, post office, bank, those are a lot of the errands I run during the week.


  7. I like the idea of an Arts/Entertainment category. What about maybe a Social Call category? Say, if you rode to visit your grandma, or a friend in the hospital or some such?

    One problem I had with the current categories was that I’m trying to stick to a tight budget lately, and so many of them involved shopping errands. This was super fun, though! Thanks for hosting it.


    1. I like the Social Call idea. I like how people found such creative ways to make the categories work for them but it is a good time for changes. Also I don’t want the Errandonnee to be focused on people going out and buying stuff, unless they need or want to. Errands and running about involve other things too as the Social Call category highlights.


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