Errandonnee: Final Day!

It all comes down to this. All qualifying Errandonnee trips must be completed today, March 20.

Errandonnee to Chinatown Coffee with Felkerino
Errandonnee to Chinatown Coffee with Felkerino

Will you finish? I’m rooting for you. Thirty-two official finishers so far, from lots of different places.

Don’t forget to email me after you complete your rides and complete your paperwork so I can put you on the finishers list. Write-ups are not due today, but should be sent by March 25.

Coffeeneuring w/ Felkerino
Coffeeneuring w/ Felkerino

Thanks to everyone who has made the Errandonnee such a creative and dynamic challenge.

4 thoughts on “Errandonnee: Final Day!

  1. I did it, I did it! Turned out to be a bit trickier than I expected but I’ve had a great time stretching the rules. Thanks for organising such a fun challenge, I’ll email my paperwork over tomorrow.


  2. I win! I haven’t done all the figuring yet, but I know I got all the miles, and I stopped at enough places today that I must have done all the required errands (and if not I know I can fake them!)😛


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