Coffeeneuring Challenge: 2 Weekends 2 Go


Two full weekends remain in the 2014 edition of the Coffeeneuring Challenge. What plans have you made?

Felkerino and I will be attending the Philly Bike Expo and coffeeneuring when we can. We’ve got coffeeneuritis, my auto-correct tells me.

If you’re also heading to the Expo, say hello if you see us. Oh, and if you know of good coffee spots downtown, please let us know!

Enjoy the weekend, all!

One thought on “Coffeeneuring Challenge: 2 Weekends 2 Go

  1. MG,
    I hope that you and Felkerino (if I can call him that) are having a good time in Philly. I went to that event in 2011 and 2012 when it was in the cold Armory. Take a look at Chris Bishop’s work. He is one of the most talented frame builders around and we have a lot of good ones in this country right now. Take care.


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