Coffeeneuring Challenge Update: Late to the Party? Start Now Start Now!

Coffeeneuring friends and scenesters! Have you wondered if it’s too late to participate in the 2015 Coffeeneuring Challenge? Wonder no more, you’re right on time.

If you start this weekend, you have just enough weekends remaining to successfully complete all 7 rides. Victory is still within your grasp, but you must start now. See the full suite of rules here.


It is true that coffeeneuring has its share of rules, but to help you see that they are not too too complicated, I share this link to @michaelseidel’s five-year-old explaining how coffeeneuring is done.

For a more complete, yet condensed rules breakdown, I share this post from @mikoglaces. The Coffeeneuring Challenge Rules Panel almost disqualified him for this bold move at simplifying the rules, but eventually reached an agreement that he could continue with the challenge. What relief.

Coffeeneuring Quickbeam in fall

So dust off that bike, air up those tires, adjust the straps on your helmet purse, and start coffeeneuring this weekend. For those of you who are already well on your way, keep it up! ¡Que viva coffeeneuring!

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