Errandonnee: Five Days Remain

It all ends at 11:59 p.m. on March 15. Don’t let the 2016 Errandonnee pass you by; get on your bike – or your two feet – and ride or run your way to the finish line.

Here is the mathematical breakdown:
5 days
12 errands
30 miles run (also known as Errundonnee), cycled, OR a combination of the two. This year you can even walk instead of run!

You can do it!

Brian on an Errandonnee home from work in BikeDC
Brian on an Errandonnee home from work in BikeDC

If you need a little spark to get you going, check out the Errandonnee tweets, Instagram posts, and even the Errandonnee Facebook group posts.

And I haven’t even mentioned the Errandonnee bloggers I know. Here are a few:

I’m sure I’ve missed someone so let me know in the comments or send me a note.

Magnolia by the Capitol.jpg
It’s supposed to be a winter challenge, but…

Errandonnee participants are a creative group, and find all sorts of ways to make the broadly scoped categories work for them. It’s quite impressive to see all that a person can make fit into the “Personal Care” category, for example.

If you complete the challenge, you are eligible for a small slice of Errandonnee glory: an embroidered patch. This year, bike and run versions available!

Errandonnee patches

A completed Errandonnee, $5 (or $6 if you are outside the U.S.) for the fully embroidered patch,  and a lifetime of memories – of your errands. How can you resist?

5 days, 12 errands, 30 total miles. Let’s go!

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