Coffeeneuring Challenge Pop Quiz!

Alright, coffeeneurs and scenesters, put your thinking caps on for this very important pop quiz about the Coffeeneuring Challenge!

1. When does the Coffeeneuring Challenge start?
  • Answer: This Friday, October 7!
2. True or False, I can go coffeeneuring on a weekday in 2016?
  • Answer: TRUE!
3. What is the minimum distance I have to ride for a ride to count toward the Coffeeneuring Challenge?
  • Answer: Two miles
4. True or False, if a coffee shop is one block from my house, I cannot go coffeeneuring there.
  • Answer: FALSE, but you will have to do a long cut until you meet the minimum two-mile round trip distance.
5. How many times per week can I go on an official Coffeeneuring Challenge Ride?
  • Answer: Two!
Latte coffeeneuring
6. The Coffeeneuring Challenge has too many rules.

A: True!
B: False!
C: Just enough rules!
D. There are rules?

  • Answer: Any answer but D!
7. True or False, if I successfully complete the Coffeeneuring Challenge, I can quit my day job and live off the proceeds of the finisher’s prize.
  • Answer: FALSE! Keep your day job!
8. How many coffeeneuring rides must I do over the next seven weeks to complete the challenge?
  • Answer: Seven! You can do it!
9. Must my coffeeneuring beverage be coffee?
  • Answer: No. Tea, cider (even hard cider, my friends), hot chocolate, and chocolate milk qualify.
10. Does my coffeeneuring beverage have to be hot?
  • Answer: No!
11. True or False, this quiz includes too many exclamation marks.
  • Answer: FALSE! 

How did you do? A’s for everyone! I know you’re ready for the 2016 Coffeeneuring Challenge! Remember, it all kicks of THIS FRIDAY!


  1. “No good deed goes unpunished.” Why do I mention this? Because Hurricane Matthew is approaching the coastal areas of South Florida and, unless current NOAA/NHC predictions change, it is expected to make landfall down here sometime between mid-morning and mid-afternoon, on Thursday (yes… THIS Thursday). So, the first event of the 2016 Coffeeneuring Challenge might well prove to be “challenging”. Perhaps not. Film at 11.


  2. My third year. Mary, Dennis from Springfield,MO. Leaving Fri morning for a 5K run in St Charles,MO. Not running but will be there as a state secretary for the non profit doing it. Taking my 9 and 12 yr old grandsons so we can ride the KATY trail Friday and drink coffee and pop. Hope it will be my best kick off ride so far.

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  3. Can a coffeeneuring ride be interrupted by a permanent? I have some that I ride a mile or more to the start, do the 100k, and then ride home. Coffee either pre- or post- ride.


  4. Just one question: Will the coffeeneuing police break down my front door and confiscate my patch if they suspect that I bent the rules?
    Oh, wait, another question: One of our local breweries has a fine coffee porter. Is that an illegal beverage?


  5. So a highly motivated person could actually go out Coffeeneuring this Friday and Saturday, knock down two Coffeeneur events for Week1, and then go out Sunday and Monday and be more than half complete in 96 hours. Dayum!


  6. When taking the picture do you want your bike or helmet in the picture? One whole picture, or can it be a collection of a few ?


    • Ideally, the pic does have some aspect of cycling in it so it shows you rode your bike to the location. How you do it is up to you. Photos can be just one photo per outing, or a collection of a few pictures, too.


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