Coffeeneuring Challenge: Final Weekend, Coming Up!

Coffeeneurs and scenesters, it’s been quite a whirlwind of a season! Thanks to everyone who has participated in this year’s activities, and good luck to all who are fitting in their final rides before closing time comes to the Coffeeneuring Challenge when the clock strikes midnight (or so) on Sunday, November 20.

The latest issue of Bicycle Times includes a feature about coffeeneuring and some words from yours truly. If you enjoy riding your bike to coffee and you like reading magazines about bicycling, then this Bicycle Times is for you!

Due to various reasons – most of them job-related – I have not blogged as much this year about all the coffeeneuring activity. But so much is happening! Much of the interaction has occurred on the Coffeeneurs Facebook Page, but Instagram and Twitter have also been alive with coffeeneuring rides from all over the world.

Coffeeneuring Map

This week I added the first coffeeneuring finisher ever from Tasmania. Yes, Tasmania! Today the first submission from Brazil made its way to my mailbox. Also exciting!

The positive, and mostly caffeinated, energy from coffeeneuring has been so exhilarating to be part of and to follow.  You guys are awesome!

And now for a couple of shout-outs in the last days of the waning Coffeeneuring Challenge season (ending this Sunday in your area):

First, to Chauncey J. of Ohio, in what must be a mixed year out there without his buddy Michael Prater, with whom he completed the 2015 challenge. Michael ‘s descriptions of one of the establishments he and Chauncey visited is among my favorites: “Bike friendly in the respect we were not stared at slack-jawed by the locals as we sat sipping coffee in lycra!”

Next, to Deb out in California, who has been battling with a leg that has been extremely slow to heal over the last two-plus years after a crash with a drunk driver during a rando ride. Undaunted, she is making her way through the challenge ever so steadily. Go Deb!

Coffeeneuring Map State

And finally, to Luis Garcia in Texas, who was halted in his completion of the 2016 Coffeeneuring Challenge by a pothole and a trip to the hospital that revealed broken bones, including some ribs and his clavicle. After sharing his unfortunate incident and his need to be off the bike for several weeks, people from all over stepped up to to donate an extra ride to Luis. The Spirit of Coffeeneuring in action!

A reminder: even if you have completed the challenge and have posted it to Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, please do send me an email noting that you have finished so you can be counted! I’m back to tallying results. Put your city on the map! Keep coffeeneuring and keep ’em coming!


3 thoughts on “Coffeeneuring Challenge: Final Weekend, Coming Up!

  1. Luis planned to ride my annual Ramble last weekend, but was unable due to his crash and injuries. But he and his wife left Dallas, picked-up donuts for the ride participants, drove at least an hour, arrived at my house early, and encouraged the rest of the riders as we rolled out. He invested an entire morning to offer cheer his fellow cyclists. Luis is quite a guy, and I’m proud to call him my friend.


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