Errandonnee: One Day Left and Prize Update!

Friends, the Errandonnee concludes at 11:59 p.m. March 31, but you still have time to fit in those last few errands. If you haven’t started and are flooded by a tidal wave of ambition, you can ride 30 miles and complete all 12 errands in the final day.

I’m also trying to do my own challenge – one on two feet and one on two wheels. I will be cutting it close, but I have high hopes for completing the Errandonnee, even with all these ridiculous rules. Who came up with these, anyway?

Errandonnee and Errundonnee patches. 1.75 x 1.75 inches

Prize Update!

This year’s prizes will be the same as last year’s prizes, with a twist. I also have some remaining original Errandonnee patches.

Original Errandonnee patch. 2.5 x 3 inches

If you have a preference on which patch you would like to receive, please let me know when you submit your Errandonnee. Those who completed the Errandonnee on two feet will receive the Errandonnee: run option patch.

Those are the updates. Carry on. One more day!

5 thoughts on “Errandonnee: One Day Left and Prize Update!

  1. Mary, since I have last year’s yellow patch, I would like the green one for this year. I had great fun doing the challenge again even though I had to rush it a little due to my schedule. Thank you for doing this again and I will look forward to it next year again (I have already started an organized list of errands). Not only is it fun to do the errands by bike, I really enjoy reading everyone’s fb posts about their errands. Thanks again, Nancy

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  2. MG!!! Even though I havent done errandonee or coffeneuring, i think its so great that you do these events!! — and youve inspired me enough so that i think next year im all in for the riding events….assuming youre still doing them. hahaha.
    how goes the brevet season? hello to felkerino and lets go to the baseball games sooner than later!


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