Coffeeneuring Bandana: Sold Out!

Friends of coffeeneuring, I hope you all are well. The Coffeeneuring Challenge has concluded for 2017, and submissions continue to reach Coffeeneuring Headquarters. If you have not yet submitted your rides, there is still time.

Patches will be ordered after November 30 – I will then have a better sense of the overall number to order – and I plan to send them out mid-December or so (same as previous years, for you Coffeeneuring Challenge veterans).

Thank you to everyone who participated in the fun this year. At the end of this post, you will find a small token of appreciation for all who participated.

In the meantime, the much-circulated rumors of the Coffeeneuring Bandana are TRUE!

The Coffeeneuring Bandana exists!

The fruits of this project are thanks to the work of Doug of Umbrella Works, who has created a stylish yet practical bandana that can be used for many purposes. I’m not going to list all of the purposes because I think we are all familiar with the multifacted utility of the bandana.

The Coffeeneuring Bandana is a dark blue (but not quite navy) design screenprinted onto a natural cotton fabric. Bandana dimensions are 22 inches by 22 inches.

Not knowing the interest level, there are currently approximately 100 Coffeeneuring Bandanas available for purchase. I’m selling them at $10 each. This covers your shipping costs as well.

You do not have to be an official Coffeeneuring Challenge finisher to order a bandana. For the initial run, I’m limiting purchases to those in the U.S.

Also, I’m placing a limit of two Coffeeneuring Bandanas per person for this initial offer. If there is still significant interest we can do another order and offer them to a wider audience.

So to summarize the Coffeeneuring Bandanas: Blue and natural design. $10 to purchase one. Limit two per person. U.S. delivery only. Since I have the bandanas in hand, I’ll ship them within two weeks. PayPal is the same = gersemalina “at” PLEASE note Coffeeneuring Bandana and your address in the notes. Once they’re gone, they’re gone… for now.

Coffeeneuring Bandana, tricky to handle in the wind…

If you are outside the U.S. (or bandanas are not your thing) we have something for you to thank you for bringing the Coffeeneuring Challenge to life again this year through your participation. Doug has created a graphic that you can use as a background for your cell phone or computer, whatever you desire.

The graphics come in the same colors as the finishers patches:

Please enjoy, and thank you for making 2017 another great year for the Coffeeneuring Challenge! And send in those submissions if you haven’t yet!

4 thoughts on “Coffeeneuring Bandana: Sold Out!

  1. Ah, cogdammit – US ONLY again. Is it the postal restrictions, or are ya trying to encourage Canadian insularity (please let it be postal issue)?

    I really really really want to order a bananadanner AND sew an awesome patch on my pack – or maybe glue it to my favourite waterprood pannier🤔… Anyway, coffee + cycling is also my jam.
    Warm (and nutty, dark roasted) regards from the frosty “North”,


    1. It’s mostly because the bandanas are a limited run, and this is the first time we’re doing something like this so I wanted to see how it goes within the US before branching out. BUT patches are available to all people everywhere on Earth so if you finished the challenge, then you are eligible for a patch. AND if you did not finish the challenge, but you still ride your bike to coffee (or similar type beverage) then you are eligible for the Always Be Coffeeneuring Club patch.


  2. I submitted a comment thinking that I had ordered too late,and was wondering about the PayPal $ money I sent. BUT today I received my bandana! So, if you haven’t already, please disregard my earlier question.
    Thank you.


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