The Errandonnee 2018: March 20-31

Save the date, my friends, the Errandonnee is back!

Details to follow, but same general deal as last year. 12 days, 12 errands, 30 total miles. Ride or run, and get things done!

It all happens March 20-31. If you have a suggestion for changes or updates to the Errandonnee, please leave them in the comments below. The official commenting period is now open.

You know I love this challenge, and I bet that you will too. Full details soon.


11 thoughts on “The Errandonnee 2018: March 20-31

  1. I am hoping for a little leniency on the dates…will be out of the country 3/23 – 3/30 and without a bike, but have the week prior off…might be able to get it done during that time if you don’t mind somebody posting in a little early/late.

    I had so much fun with this last year, would like to participate again.


  2. Wish the dates were a bit later. Weather in New England isn’t cooperating. More snow coming next week! Where is spring?


    1. Still time for the weather to get on track, but if not you can always plead your case to the judges for an extension. I hear they’re very reasonable!


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